Thursday, January 14, 2010

Do the Best You Can With What You Have Where You Are

I have decided that news commentators have some sort of sick game going on trying to see who can ask the dumbest question.

Michelle says maybe they get commission for the person who asks the dumbest of the day.

I'm really tired of people on the news talking about Haitians as if they are a bunch of lawless, random, ignorant fools.

Haitians are strong. They are proud. They are patriotic. They are giving.

I've met more people who would "give you the shirt off their back" in Haiti than in America. And many of those people may only have THAT SHIRT, but they'd give it to you anyway.

Remember the LA Riots? Americans aren't so awesome during crises sometimes either. The "natural man" tends to get desperate when pushed to the edge.

I think the thought that sums up the people I have met in Haiti is people who are doing the best they can with what they have where they are.

And I think they deserve your respect, Mr. Highly Paid Reporter.

Please continue to pray. Pray for Jessica. We have no idea where she was when the earthquake hit - we just know she wasn't at the orphanage. Pray for the families, for the children, for the injured. Pray for the rescuers. Pray for the governments. We need so miracles to come out of this. I can't stop to think about what's happened to all the paperwork they'd been compiling for our adoption for the last 27 months. We need a miracle, Lord. We need a miracle.

Pray for those that are stuck in the rubble and trying to hang on. Pray for the workers and their safety. Pray they'll have the ingenuity to figure out how to make do with what they have and still save lives in less than ideal conditions.

Pray that the world doesn't forget about this next week when some celebutante does something stupid.

Pray for the children.


Adam and Dani said...

I'm Jessica Batson's sister Dani. I hope you don't mind but I put a link on my blog and facebook for the donation site. I donated as well but just wish I could do more. My heart goes out to you and your family and all those children. You are all in my prayers.

David and Candice said...

Good post it is so true,I have also thought that after a week what will they move onto and forget that Haiti will still be helpless.-Candice

Perla said...

great post. you are a wise woman. i'm right there with you on the praying. glad to have a chance to see you today!

Bambi and Adam said...

Great post !

Anonymous said...

Last news from our attorney : (15h00 ; french time)
TOUS LES ENFANTS SONT ENSEMBLES ET VONT BIEN. Ils sont à Carrefour. Mais ou exactement elle ne sait pas. Nadia va bien aussi. Elle est avec les enfants.

I'm waiting for more info
Guy, Charlyne's father

Sarah said...

I'm Dani's friend Sarah. I'm praying! :)

Troy said...

Lori, our prayers have and will continue to be with you and the children, now we expand the prayers. This post is spot on. Know we love you and are thoughts will be with you durring this difficult time

Rachael said...

Oh gosh! Your paperwork! I think my heart just stopped beating for a few moments. I didn't even think about that. Yes - where could all your paperwork even be at this moment? More worries. I was thinking this morning that perhaps some tremendous good could come from all this. That adoptions will be rushed through quicker in the hopes of expediting the children out of a bad situation - or at the least, putting in responsible, non-corrupt people in places of power who could get the job done.

I keep thinking about your hotel owners - how they must be feeling now.

Chelle said...

Love and prayers headed their way!


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