Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update from Our Friends at Haitian Roots

Dear Friends,

We have been in contact with one of our coordinators, Harry Mardy, via e-mail. He and his family are taking shelter at the LDS ward building in Petion-ville. The church and grounds are packed with people, including the orphans from his orphanage, and, most likely, several of our Haitian Roots children. We have several children who live right in that area and are likely seeking refuge at the church. Petion-ville was hit VERY hard and, because it is in the more mountainous area and the roads are all blocked, has not been able to receive any aid. Harry says they are running out of food and that they are going to start losing people within the next 24 hours. Many of them are starting to get sick, as well. This is especially heartbreaking to me because there was nothing we could do about the earthquake happening but these people have survived and are fine but will die from things that could be easily prevented. If you are the praying sort, we ask that you please pray specifically that aid will be able to get to Petion-ville.

One specific way that we have planned for aid to get to them is through one of our donors, Dr. Jeremy Booth. He is an ER doctor, speaks fluent Creole, loves the Haitian people, and is set to travel to Haiti with a special medical team put together by the LDS church. The team was supposed to fly to Haiti today but have been delayed because of flight restrictions. They hope to fly tomorrow but have been told it may be as late as Monday or Tuesday. Not only is this disturbing because of the immediate needs in Haiti, but the team is losing doctors with each day that passes (due to scheduling difficulties). Harry said that food is available to purchase (although the prices are astronomical) but they don’t have any money and the banks are all shutdown. Dr. Booth is willing to take funds down (and they are available with help from our friends ) to get to Harry.

So, at this time we would aks you to specifically pray for our loved ones in Petion-ville, that roads can be cleared and that they can receive aid. Also, please pray that Dr. Booth will be able to travel tomorrow so that he and his team can help with this aid.

Thank you all for your continued support. Thank you to those of you who have donated to Haitian Roots and to any other aid organization working in Haiti. We are so grateful that Haiti is receiving worldwide attention and response. If you feel inclined to donate through Haitian Roots, we will use every penny of your donation to help ease the suffering in Haiti. You can donate through our website:

To view photos that go along with this message, visit our website home page.

Thank you.

The Haitian Roots Team

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Crystal said...

You don't know me, but I found your blog through Shannon Cox and I have been following your story for quite a while now. I have 7 adopted children from Haiti/Foyer de Sion.
Thought you might like to know that LDS Humanitarian Aide reached Harry and the children at the chapel Saturday about 5 pm.

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