Sunday, January 17, 2010

What can I do to help?

This is a very common question we hear spoken and I am sure it is thought much more frequently than expressed.

We have a few ideas!

1 - Contact your government representatives and implore them to encourage the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security to grant Humanitarian Parole to those children in the adoption process. This may be a small amount of the impacted people but it saves lives that are generally overlooked.

2 - Donate. Any amount helps! The original goals and timeline of our organization will now have to be fast tracked and expanded. It is estimated that the number of orphans in Haiti will TRIPLE due to this catastrophe.

3 - Spread the word. Please let others know.

4 - Talk to your employer about donating.

5 - Donate blood to the Red Cross. I am sure that this emergency will seriously deplete any reserves.

6 - Donate supplies to emergency relief organizations (i.e. personal care items, medical supplies, blankets, etc.)

7 - Don't forget. The rebuilding process in Haiti will take years and unfortunately our memories tend to last only moments.

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