Monday, November 28, 2011

Super Magic Squeaky Shoes

So my Uncle John and his lovely wife, Gail came into town a few weeks ago to see the family.  I kept thinking I'd get pictures from a relative and then post about this, but apparently my "get around" isn't getting around, so we're posting as is.

Nate still has some stress in noisy areas, particularly with lots of people.  Let's not talk about what restaurants are like.  At any rate, Nate had a "freak out" moment and Mama took him in the other room while he calmed down.

When we came back into the area where the family was, Uncle John could see there was some stress, so he came over and said, "Nathan, did you know that your mom has magic shoes?"  He then proceeded to reach down and "squeak" the toe of my shoe, while holding a squeaker (like from a dog toy) in his hand so Nate couldn't see it.

You should have seen the look on Nate's face.  Magic!  He was enthralled!

Uncle John kept it up with the rest of the "littles" that afternoon.  Everyone's shoes had some magic spot on them and the kids were all amazed.

That night when I was getting Nate ready for bed, he wanted me to squeak his feet.  Of course I don't have Uncle John's magic fingers, so neither his shoes nor his toes squeaked when Mama did it.  Nate said, "Just smash it harder, Mama!"  He was determined to get a squeak sound out of there somehow!

Several times since then, when Nate's in the bathtub, he'll say, "Mama, my finger's magic?" and then he'll reach down and "squeak" his toe.  Obviously, it makes no noise, but he always says, "Yup.  I can hear it!"

So, Uncle John... the "icing" on the cake for this story... I was just sitting with Nate on my lap and my laptop and he was calling out the kind of toys he wants to ask Santa to bring.  We're googling pictures and then putting them on a letter for Nate to send to Santa.

Nate's listing off all the awesome toys he can think of from everything he loves... Thomas the Train, Toothless the Dragon, Whales, Elephants... and then he says, "Santa bring me an Uncle John toy?"

I told him Santa doesn't have Uncle John toys, but we have our very own REAL Uncle John.  He was satisfied.

Thanks for making our holiday season merry and bright!


P.S.  He LOVES the cowboy rubber ducky.  It's definitely a favorite!  Thank you again.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Dear Nate,
Tonight you watched something creatures of the sea on TV.  The later you came in and told me that you saw a "huntback" whale while we were at the lake this summer with your cousins.  You also told me that you need "diver pants" and "diver glasses" (meaning "wetsuit" and "goggles") for the next time we got to the lake so you can play with the "huntback" whales.

Then you asked me if the reason fish chew with their mouths open is because they don't have Mommies to tell them to not do that.  I just shrugged my shoulders because I was biting my lip so hard in an effort to not laugh that I couldn't speak.

You are a delight and a marvel to me every day.  You are such a sweet, kind little boy.

Mama was very ill one day last week.  I came home from work and went right to bed.  You said, "Aren't you gonna eat dinner, Mama?" and I told you that my tummy didn't feel well.  You told me that my tummy hurt because "it was Jesus telling me I need food in my tummy".  (no idea where that came from)

I fell asleep and a few hours later I felt little arms wrapped around my head.  You were rocking your torso back and forth as best you could while laying beside me.  I said, "What are you doing, Sweetness?"  You said, "I rock you, Mama, so you can feel better."

I took you grocery shopping with me last week.  Each time I'd step across the aisle to get something from the other side of the shelves you'd push the cart over to the side where I was now standing and say, "Here, Mama. I push it so you not haffa reach so far."

I love you, Sweet, Sweet Little Man.

Thanks for letting me be your Mama.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Dear Sir,
I rushed into the grocery store and nearly missed you standing there, proud and straight, your skin weathered with the years.  I stopped and watched you from the side for a moment.  Smiling so kindly to everyone as you clutched a fistful of red paper poppies.  I saw you had one to a tiny little girl and knew that you knew that she had no idea why it was red poppies today... Veterans Day.  I wondered how many had rushed by you as you stood, so patiently, trying to gather funds for the Veterans of Foreign Wars.... trying to get the rest of us to remember that we're grateful that we haven't seen what you have seen.  Your military hat noted that you'd served as a Chaplain in the Army and I wondered what you'd helped others endure as part of your efforts to serve - your country and your fellow soldiers. 

I pushed some money into your bucket.  Then I stepped over to you and tried to shake your hand.  Your skin looked as delicate as wet Kleenex and I was afraid to touch you.  I noted that your hands were gnarled and twisted with arthritis and I wondered if just existing was painful for your fingers.

I grasped the side of your palm and gently squeezed.

"Thank you for your service," I said.

You met my gaze with your milky-blue eyes that have seen so much and said, "I did it for you - and I was happy to do it."

I hurried away because of the tears, but somehow I don't think you'd have minded. 

Thank you, sir, for the reminder of what you and so many other brave men and women have done.

For me.

And for my son. 

Thank you.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Wolverine. Homecoming Queen.

Thought it was about time to share some pictures from Halloween.

Nate was a cowboy, and a darn tootin' cute one at that!  Everyone kept asking if he was "Woody" from Toy Story, but really he wanted this costume because he'd get to wear his boots.
And, Aunt Titi invited us to her ward Trunk or Treat.  They took pictures of the kids beforehand.  You can see Collin is better at "SMILE!" and Nate is bent out of shape that we took his candy bag before we took these pictures.

And Uncle Nate got in a great evening as The Headless Horseman