Saturday, October 6, 2012

Prayers of the Children

May 2011
On the "I remember what it's like to be hungry" theme... here's a note from May 2011

Nate's prayer last night:
Tank you fruit snacks.
Tank you my blessings.
Tank you burritos.
Tank you another one burritos.

Friday, October 5, 2012


We've had a food drive in our area and the local Scouts came around to pick up anything you left on your porch for donation.

I sat Nate down and asked him if he remembered what it was like to be hungry in Haiti and if he remembered how it felt to not have enough to eat.  Then I asked him if he wanted to go to the store with me to pick out some things that we could give to people that didn't have enough to eat here in America.  He thought that was pretty cool and was excited to go to the store.

Long story getting shorter.... a few minutes later he came out from his room with his piggy bank and said, "Here, Mama... you can use this to buy food for the people".

Sweet, sweet Little Man.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Sep 2011

Brent dropped Nate off for his first day of preschool.  On the way he said, "Miss Julie is going to teach you all sorts of things:  letters, counting, writing..."

Nate said, "and handstands??"

Apparently that was top on his list of "Things I Want to Learn".  Who knew??

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


May 2012
I was trying to get Nate to talk to me about this problem he's having with a little boy in his church class.  He didn't want to talk, but I kept trying different directions of questions.  I decided to switch it up and ask him about a boy he likes.  By that point, he was exasperated with me.  I said, "What do you think about J?" and he sighed loudly and said, "I don't know, Mama.... he has a beautiful face" (in a tone like, "what do I have to say to get you to leave me alone).

Old Stories...

Decided I need to catch up on some of the good stories that I've missed posting to this blog over the last couple of years.  Enjoy!

Nov 2011
Nate: "Mama, I want a new dragon toy."
Mama:  "Maybe you'll need to ask Santa for one for Christmas..."
Nate (walks to the closed window and yelled, "Santa!  I want a new dragon toy!" and then came back and said, "I asked him."

Hmmm... Mama must need to review her notes.  She seems to have missed something in the "Implementation" phase of the spirit of Christmas.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Wedding jitters??

Nate:  "Mama, am I going to live in a different house someday?"
Mama: "Yes..."
N:  "Like when I get married.... then I'll live in a different house?"
M: "Yes..." (still wondering where this crazy train of thought is going)
N: "But what will I say to her??"
M:  "Um... say to whom?"
N: "My wife!  Do most people say, 'Will you marry me'?"

Sweet boy.... You are only five.  We'll worry about that in twenty something years, OK?