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Thank You to Loralee for Posting about Us and the O

Copied from Loralee's blog. Loralee is mostly famous. As her brother, and my dear friend, Rhett said, "She's even been invited to the White House to oogle Michelle Obama's fabulous arms."

This is her post, calling for all her blog readers to find a way to help the situation in Haiti.

Putting a face on the tragedy in Haiti. Please help ANY way you can.
January 16, 2010

Imagine if your children were a half a world away without you.

That would be horrible, wouldn’t it?

Now imagine if you learned that a devastating earthquake hit the country and the epicenter was right next to the orphanage where your much loved and wanted babies lived. What if you didn’t know if they were hurt or even alive? What if you knew that if they made it through the earth quake they would have no food. No shelter. No water. No clothing, blankets, medical supplies?

There is NOTHING worse then the desperate feeling you get as a parent on behalf of your children that are in need and if your hands are tied and you are unable to physically get to your babies to protect and shield them the feeling is devastating. Nobody knows that feeling right now more then our family friends, Lori and Brent Rosenlof.

They have been trying to adopt two precious little ones from Haiti.

Meet Jessica and Nathan:

Lori and Brent have been trying to get Nathan and Jessica home with them for a long time. They may not have the papers yet but these two are every inch their children in every way that matters. Adopting from Haiti is a very long and complicated process full of red tape and a lot of frustration and heart ache. With the recent tragedy there it is now full of more red tape and more heartbreak then any human should have to experience.

Things are CRITICAL in that country…especially for Lori and Brett’s little children and the orphanage they live in.

I am helping them try to spread the word in hopes that people looking for a more specific cause to donate to Haiti will PLEASE consider helping the orphanage my friends are adopting from. Their situation is CRITICAL.

Information has been difficult to get but this is what they know so far in an email that I received from Lori. I will quote her so that it comes straight from the horse’s mouth:

“We have heard mixed reports about where our children are and their status (I really mean “safety” but that word tears at my heart too much). We believe that they are literally living the street in Carrefour (earthquake epicenter) with Nadia (orphanage director) right now. They have no supplies at the moment. People can’t live long without water, particularly in 91 degree temps (in the shade).

We have found someone flying to Haiti tomorrow (please literally pray the FAA lets their flight leave – it’s already been delayed a day) and they are taking cash from the HLAH nonprofit to give to the people on the ground there and they are going to help us get money to Nadia. We have heard that there are supplies available “for a price” and that the costs are astronomical.

We believe the orphanage itself was leveled.

Our daughter, Jessica, we know was not at the orphanage and we’re praying that they can find her and 2 other children that were also known to be at other locations when the quake hit. Our son, Nathan should be wherever the other children are.

100% of ALL funds go directly to the children. The people that run the non profit organization all volunteer so there aren’t any administrative costs. We are sending money now (and obviously in the coming weeks) for supplies, but then we’re going to have to rebuild.”

I normally do not rally for donations, I know that there are scummy people scamming those online, but this is different. I can vouch for these people absolutely and I am just sick, sick, SICK with worry for these little children. I am worried for EVERYONE in Haiti but it is even harder when you have knowledge of a specific individual’s pain.

The plight of these little ones keeps me up at night and I worry for them so.

SO…I am asking you to help in any way you can. Donate, comment, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spread the word on your blogs, Twitter, Facebook, ANYTHING.


Here is all the information that you need. The orphanage is called HOPE FOR LITTLE ANGELS OF HAITI. They have a Facebook page and a cause page as well. There is a Facebook Causes Button on our FB Cause page. And most importantly, there is a Paypal DONATE button on the Rosenlof’s blog for supplies for the orphanage.

And if you can do nothing else, please go over and leave a comment of support on their blog and say a prayer for the safety of their children.

You are amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for ANYTHING you can do.


Loralee Choate said...

OH, I wish it were more. I am just sick with worry. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your beautiful family. xo

The Stiletto Mom said...

Praying for you and those beautiful babies...this story brought tears to my eyes as has all the coverage of the earthquake. I hope you can get supplies to them, but most importantly, that you can get them home with you safely. God bless all of you.

Kara and Glen said...

Came over after reading Loralee's post. My heart breaks for you and your kids. We are praying for some good news soon.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and these beautiful children.
Katrien, Phil & Ellie

Anonymous said...

We've never met, but know that there are hundreds of people like me that are praying for you and your children. I have donated to the orphanage, contacted my Senator about fast-tracking adoptions and put info onto my Facebook with links to your blog, the orphanage's Facebook page and requests that people donate. I want there to be more that I can do. I am on my knees.

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