Saturday, July 25, 2009


So my weird moment of the week was sitting outside a little cafe at lunch with my coworkers and seeing a runner go by while wearing (wait for it)... a bullet-proof vest. Yup, running shoes and tank top and a bullet-proof vest. I think they were trying to "sweat it out" because they were also running at lunchtime on a 100+ degree day.

In case you were wondering, seeing someone running down the sidewalk in a bullet-proof vest does make you subconsciously assess your entire environment in about half a second to see if there's some threat that you missed. It's a bit disorienting. And that's why I didn't get a picture of it on my phone. I know... I suck.

It's been a very crazy time for us. There's a lot going on and yet nothing going on in the one area where we want it most. Work is busy, home is busy, church is busy, adoption is not. No progress. No updates. And not just for us, but for our friends as well. It seems that pretty much no one's papers are moving.

I guess we're trying to be really great at waiting. It's hard when your family is being held hostage to a terribly disorganized process. And there's nothing we can do about it. Nothing except wait.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Is it wrong that I'm excited that my local grocery store is closing because it means that I was able to get a metric boatload (I'm probably rounding up) of children's cough and cold medicine for half price?

Don't worry, Jess... I didn't get any Benadryl.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Fear Not To Do Good

For nearly 20 years, I have had a dear friend named, T. She is completely fabulous. She'll take random road trips with you and she doesn't even drive off the road when you get a little exuberant about reading the roadsigns. (But come on... which is more fun? a) reading the sign says Lookout Mountain or b) yelling "Lookout! Mountain!". I rest my case.)

We've taken air trips as well. We spent September 11, 2000 exploring the Twin Towers. I'm always where I need to be when I'm with T. A year later for that trip and.... you know the rest.

It was T that talked me into asking out my sweet Brent. I was a bit shy and unsure of myself. She bouyed me up.

T went with us on this last trip to Haiti. She said she needed some time away to forget about her own worries and just be somewhere that she could do "something that mattered." She wanted an opportunity to serve.

She'd planned some things for the orphanage - brought down a bear for every child, had some fun fans that also squirt water that they could play with, created a big beautiful map to show all the people around America that love the children in that orphanage. She got to see how the orphanage is. She got to see what Haiti is like - to feel the tension in the air as the people were demonstrating right outside our hotel. She didn't get to smell what Haiti is like but I don't think she feels sad about that one!

She also found someone she was missing... someone who was missing her... She found that she was led to Haiti so that she and this little guy could start the process to become a family. He'll be her little boy and she'll be his "Mama". I'm so thrilled for her, and for Ollie. I'm thrilled that the Lord has answered her prayers and that she is joyful again.
She said it much better than I did, so I'll direct those of you that know her to check it out here.

Welcome to the family, Ollie! I can't wait to see you and your momma together again soon!

She's thinking about you and praying for you every day. The labor of adoption has its own intensity.

We love you, T, and are so proud of you. You will be an excellent momma!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Note to Self: Don't Give Jess Benadryl...

Miss Jess was the Queen of Snots this last trip. They've always got an upper respiratory infection and what we call "kennel cough". And by "they" I mean "all the kiddos in our orphanage." Welcome to Haiti, folks. Plus, with 68 kids living in a 3 bedroom house, you're going to pass around some germs.

So, our first plan of attack was to give her some Children's Benadryl that was a "congestion" formula.

And this is what Miss Jess looked like for the next while.
Even if you waved your hand in front of her face, she still looked like this.

After that episode of "medicine head", we stuck to the Children's Tylenol Cold and she was much more alert and actually played around again.

It's so funny to watch them with medicine. Some of the kids throw a total fit if they have to take it and others through a fit if you give it to other kids but not them. And then sometimes you can get the kids that were throwing a fit to take it after they see that the other kids actually like it. Peer pressure can be a good thing.

I'm still so worried about a couple of the little ones at our orphanage. Please keep them in your prayers as we start to get into the worst of the heat and the hurricane season. I know they're in God's Hands, but I have faith that our prayers will help.

And Happy Birthday, to my awesome older brother, Matt. I'm glad you're back in our area and I'm glad you have a spouse that loves you and I'm glad that you are doing everything you can for your kids. Maybe in the next life, we'll be able to pay you back for all those times you used to make us play "Vacuum Cleaner". The things we believed if you said them....

I love you, Matt.

It's also my niece, Romy's birthday. She's a big 8 today. Happy birthday, sweet girl!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's been a fun weekend. We had a barbecue with my siblings on Friday night. Thanks to my sister-in-law, Chris, for sharing this pic of me with our new nephew, Rocco. He's so tiny (I know, Lindsay... you were in labor for over a day... I get it... He's still a very little human being!) He's very calm, as well. He's really a pretty content little guy. It was fun to see the family and Brian and Paige's backyard looks completely awesome. They've put in a great deck and done a lot of landscaping in the last year and a half. It's really come together nicely.

Tonight we went to the Raceway with our friends. Nothin' like people watching at the raceway for a good time. It's like MulletFest but for some reason most of the participants seem to think that it is attractive for your bra straps to be sticking out. Plus, the food at the Raceway must only taste good after a few beers, so since we don't drink....

Anyway, the fireworks were fun. I have to admit, Lee Greenwood ("Proud to Be an American") and Neil Diamond ("They're Comin' to America") still choke me up after all these years.

It's terribly late (or early) so I won't go on, but I'm grateful for America, and for our servicemen and women. God Bless America!