Wednesday, January 20, 2010

... Which Led to This Update From Our Agency

Dear Wasatch Families,

It appears that the US government will not help with the evacuation of our children in Haiti. They have told us basically to send out orphanage directors in Haiti to the embassy and take what paperwork they can and try and get the kids a visa or Humanitarian parole. So we sent Guesno Mardy (director of Foyer) to the embassy today, he went twice with children in tow, they would not let him in, they would not help him.

It has come to my attention that those orphanages that have us coordinators on the ground in Haiti are getting Visas and getting Humanitarian Parole. I have confirmed that all the children that have come home so far have had US citizens on the ground in Haiti with experience helping them. My opinion is that when they see Haitians coming they think they are just trying to get out of the country themselves, I don’t know for sure this is just my opinion.

So I have decided to go to Haiti and get our children, I am going with a special group of people who are dedicated to helping me, I have a representative from Foyer going and I have my special humanitarian task force going, which includes a member of the military. I have experience with the embassy. I know some of the personnel, I have been there to process paperwork and feel like I will be able to get our kids out.

I am currently working on how to fly the kids out of Haiti once I have them. I am pretty sure we have a plane that will fly us out, but will let you know when it is set. We will be bringing a total of 50 kids out of Haiti.
I do have a seat on a missionary plane going into Haiti on Thursday.

So what I need from each of you right now is a copy of all the paperwork you sent to USCIS Haiti, I am going to take it with me to ensure we have everything we need to get Visas or Humanitarian Parole, I am going to try to get as many of the kids out on a Visa as I can. If you already cc’d me when you sent it in then I have it, but many of you did not so please send it now so that we can get it printed.

I am taking a lap top and when I can I will keep you posted.

Your friend,

Wasatch Adoptions


Anonymous said...

Hi Brent and Lori, I have been reading your story the last couple day and my heart just breaks for you and your beautiful babies. I am praying so hard that your little ones are found safe and get to come home to their mommy and daddy very soon. You've probably heard but there is a facebook group started by friends of the two sisters from Pittsburgh who were able to successfully get their kids out of the country. It's called "Let's Get Them Out" or something along those lines (I'm at work so I can't check on the exact name right now). I read on their page that they had many people volunteering to donate their private jets, in case your orphanage needs a way to get your kids out maybe you could contact them or even just have them post something about your orphanage on their page now that their kids are safe? They seem to have quite a following so I'm sure they could help you get the word out about the kids in your orphanage. Please know that people all over the country are praying for you and your precious babies.

- Joyce

Kristi said...

Wow- I have goosebumps. Did they find Nathan or Jessica yet?

gigglydoo54 said...

Hey Brent and Lori.. I am Lydia James. You don't know me, but I have two brother in laws from Haiti - One ran a couple of orphanages before coming to the states. He flew there two days ago and is in Haiti. I am not sure which orphanage he is at right now - they had the fly them in by chopper. If you would like you can email me at - we live in utah county also. Thanks!

Teri said...

What a crazy process. We are continually praying that your children will be home in your arms soon.

Colleen said...

Hi guys. I'm so very sorry to find out you guys have hit another bump in this road to bringing the babies home. You're in my family's thoughts and prayers. I read both the articles in the Trib and the Herald, hopefully those will help drum up more awareness to all of the kids affected. All my loves!

Karyn from Pittsburgh said...

like anonymous said, said try the facebook page. There were lots of offers for a lot of stuff. It could be very helpful.

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