Thursday, January 28, 2010

Update from Scott on the Ground about My Son's Cleanliness Habits

I've learned this week that when you're in an orphanage, the kids that get bathed and dressed the fastest get to wear the cutest clothes. It's like a race amongst the kids.

So this morning, I get this picture from Scott Gordon of Team Hope who is on the ground at the O:

He says:

Dressed in rags today.

Nathan woke up with the nastiest tar slick butt I have ever seen. Brent didn't even know where to start. I took the boy straight to the bath line and left Brent to figure out how to fix the floor and the pile of certified hazardous waste.

I heard his cry a little later went to check it out. Apparently the little bugger didn't want a bath very much today and had formed up in the post bath/getting dressed line with tar still all over his lower parts. Well some other little ones ratted him out and started complaining about the poop covered boy standing in the clean line. (apparently this is a self policing society)

So I escorted the guilt party (tar poop boy) back to the tub and the next time I saw him he was sporting this rag outfit.

I thought it wouldn't kill him to look a little ghetto on his last day. I promise to make sure he looks good on the way out the door.


PLEASE HEAVENLY FATHER - Help us clear these last few roadblocks to get them on that plane!!!


Anonymous said...


And giggling at that little boy trying to get out of his bath!

The Brown's said...

hahahaha such a boy!!!
PRAYING like crazy that all goes well for today!!! It feel like today is a good day for a miricle. dont ya think???:)

jessica rabbit said...

And to think, you'll be getting to change those tar poop diapers soon! How exciting! =)

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Aaw, that little sweetheart boy! He's gonna be a handful...but worth every second of struggle. :)

Megan Krajewski said...

I just heard that the Haitian government has started reviewing cases. Good news! Good news! Praying like crazy! My BFF has 3 kiddos at Fantamara that are supposed to be on that plane. Any new word on Jess???

Anonymous said...

He is absolutely adorable - especially in pink! Can't wait to give him lots of love. Always praying!

Pete and Mare said...

That is so funny! Love hearing the day to day stories like that :) Praying! ~mare

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