Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sweet, sweet little man

Mama's been insanely busy with work, work and school.

I need to write a couple of these things down before I forget them forever, so here's a quick post.

Nate's very shy.  He was in his preschool class for 6 months before he made a random comment and Miss Julie said another little boy exclaimed, "I didn't know that kid talked!"

He's had some troubles going to Primary class at church on Sundays.  He has some very... confident... kids in his class and it makes him uncomfortable to be around so much confident noise.  (how's that for being polite).  I was trying to feel him about about what was going on in Primary and it seemed that no matter how I asked the question, he'd respond with "I dunno."

 This mama is a project manager and business analyst by trade, so I'm used to getting at the root of a problem, so while we were doing something I started asking him questions from various angles, trying to get him to tell me how he felt about this situation.

All he'd answer with was. "I dunno... I dunno..." 

Finally I asked him about a boy that I knew he liked to be around.  By this point he was exasperated with me and just wanted me to STOP ASKING QUESTIONS.  So when I said, "What do you like about J?" Nate responded with, "(loud sigh)... I Don't Know, Mama... He has a beautiful face" (said in a tone like, "THERE.  I said something nice about him.  Now LEAVE ME ALONE.") 

So hard not to laugh.

Nate's also very worried about not having a sibling, lately.  He knows Mama's body doesn't make babies, but he knows that you can get children through adoption (obviously).  Here are a couple of the comments he's made lately:

"Mama, when you get a baby, its butt will stink,  but that's OK because I will love it."

"Mama, when you get a baby, make sure you get one that's afraid of the curvy slides so I can teach it not to be scared because I'll be the big brother."

This is why Mama calls him Sweetness....