Friday, January 22, 2010

Sweet Text Message from Team Hope

Scott sent this to his wife today. He has their little 2 year old, Avrie, with him. I thought this was a good perspective from "the ground"

Lunch time and Avrie is distracted for a moment.

She is in a good mood and giving nice kisses she wants to be held all the time and of course I can only stand.

I am impressed at the amount of aid here. We were at the airport for about two hours and I was able to get around a bit because I escorted our trucks in. The runway use full of Air Force cargo jets - the new ones. There was an American airlines plane with a load of water. At the end of the runway an entire tent city has sprung to life. There are thousands of people here to support the Haitian people.

We drove the streets at night and it is heartbreaking to see families wrapped in blankets sleeping on the streets, on sidewalks, in the back of trucks and everywhere they can find a safe place.
They have lost everything but their pride and determination.

The weather is pleasant and camping on the streets is second to the need of food and water. When the rainy season comes this will not work and I fear that the suffering will increase greatly.

We traveled on main streets and for the most part they were clear. We did not take any direct routes so it is clear that many main streets are blocked and the side streets are blocked.
One in ten buildings are completely destroyed. Five in ten are damaged and there are small quakes everyday keeping people out doors even if their home looks fairly safe.

There is no foul smell and there has been a huge clean up effort to remove the dead.

Brent and I will go searching for Jessica tomorrow and I will get a better look during the daylight.

That's all for now lunch is over and my Angel is calling my name.

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Esther said...

Hi,I am Charlotte's niece. I wrote to you several months ago. I still keep up with your blog and I really am saying my prayers for you guys. I really think this post is the kind of things the news needs to be saying. It gives hope and that is what everyone needs right now.

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