Sunday, January 17, 2010

Great News on Most of the Kids!

We just got this fabulous news about some of the children and our orphanage. Harry has spoken to Nadia. He knows where she is and he is arranging for the children to be brought to the LDS Church where they have supplies and shelter.

The two children in Transitional care are with him now. The rest of the kids are coming.

I think this means we just need to find Jessica! We should have confirmation on each specific individual child that is with Nadia tomorrow.

Thank you for your continued prayers! Thank the Lord for Miracles. Pray these continue throughout this country and with all her people!!

Dear Hope families,

I just heard from Harry and although the bulk of the email is still somewhat vague, I do have good news that Avrie and Wyclef are ok.

Harry finally talked to Nadia today and this is his quote “I am so happy to hear from Nadia and to know that most of the kids been safe”. He says that he is going to go and get them and bring them to the church so he can take care of them. He said that he has Fabrice and Schnider with him, I don’t know if he has had them with him or if he just got them. But either way we know for sure that they are ok and with Harry. I sent Harry a list of all the kids,
I asked him to please go get them all if possible, and then to give me a check mark by every child and tell me how they are.

I will let you know, I am hoping that he will have them or at least see them all tomorrow.

Keep praying!

(Wasatch Adoptions)


Maggie said...

a little bit easier to breathe....and prayers to express gratitude for such wonderful news!

Pete and Mare said...

lori, we will keep praying that harry will find jessica and bring her back with him. many miracles are happening! we will keep praying! ~ ~mare

David and Candice said...

We will keep Jessica in our prayer's and that Harry will find her so she can come Home. keep staying strong-Candice

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! I read this scriture this morning and felt I should share it with you:
D&C 58:3-4
We will continue to pray for Nathan, Jessica, all the others, plus you and Brent.

Bambi and Adam said...

Thinking of you all!Lots of hugs .

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