Friday, January 29, 2010

En Route

They're loaded into to tap taps and nearly at the airport.

The next hour will tell us who they let board.

More as we find out.

I know Jessica isn't with them, but Chareyl said she told the O workers to get her and send her with the next group.


Best of the Best said...

Here's praying for you kid! Oh I pray, pray, pray that everything works out.

deanaarheit said...

PRAYING PRAYING PRAYING!!! Oh dear Lord, please let them ALL make it on the plane!!!!

Sandra said...

That is great to hear! Here's hoping that it all works out for you guys. You have all made a great effort, and you have some wonderful angels watching out for you.

I think your wonderful pilot deserves a nice dinner!

Rebecca said...

Lori, I do not know you personally but I have been following your blog after being told about it from a friend......BLESS YOU! I have been in tears happy and sad multiple times over your past few weeks!!! You are an inspiration!!!!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

This is like watching a movie...some of it is just so totally unreal!

I am praying that they all get to get on that plane and that plane gets into the air. I can just imagine hearing y'all are praising when that happens!

Lillian said...

Your blog is an inspiration to all are so positive. It makes me believe that sending positive thoughts into the world brings about positive actions. You are a good example of good people doing good! I pray that your children will be home soon. Our Haitian grandchildren (Deve & Lila) are so wonderful. They are so joyful and give us so much love!

Pete and Mare said...

She will be home soon, very soon! Praying my heart out! ~mare

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