Friday, January 29, 2010

I Just Talk to the Director of Terminal Services...

A very nice woman with a very unfortunate name (Dickie Davis)

She said that the Red Cross was allowed to come into the area where our group is waiting.... and that they've been fed and that "everything is just great"

Remember that Ms. Davis works for the AIRPORT and not for the government.

She said she'll call be back in about 10 minutes with a more accurate update - she's just walking into the room where they are.

We're hearing that some families are being recategorized from Category I orphans to Category II orphans. The significance of that is that Cat I orphans just have to be cleared by DHS and then they can go home with their families while Cat II orphans have to be cleared by the Office of Refugee Resettlement (which is a group used to dealing with famlies that need sponsors. They're just trying to do their jobs, but their process and laws are meant for a different group of people).

I'll post more when I hear more.


Monkey Memories said...

I'm tearing up just thinking of you getting to hug and love on your baby so soon! What a wonderful life Nathan is coming to, he's a lucky little man!

chelsa said...

I just read your whole blog this afternoon. What a journey you have been on getting your precious babies home. I am so glad that Nathan is on his way and hoping and praying Jessica joins you soon.

Mom of 3 Boys said...

I know you are swamped and so if you don't have time or energy for questions I understand. I am wondering are they allowing the orphanage workers aka Scott and Brent and the other adults to remain with the children? Are they allowing the children to stay all together?

I am thrilled they are on US soil but frustrated that they aren't HERE with their families already!

And a bit frustrated that at this point it is OUR government clearly that is holding it all up....

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