Saturday, January 16, 2010

If Halloween Were Tomorrow, I'd Want to Be Anderson Cooper...

Or Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

They "get" that the secret is not just in the telling... it's in the doing as well.

So do the members of the LA Fire Department who have fearlessly and tirelessly been working in the rubble to free people. And that rescue team from Iceland... I love them.

The soliders. The urban rescue workers. They "get" it.

So do the doctors and nurses who have flown to Haiti on a moment's notice and are working around the clock in unbelievable conditions.

We seriously need prayers. The kind you mean. Not the kind you tell to someone's face when you hear that something difficult has happened to them and you say, "We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers."

We need knee-bending, heart-changing prayers.

Please, pray for whatever miracles it's going to take to get the ports and the single-strip airport operating to full capacity. Pray for safety for all the relief workers. Pray for strength and angels to lift up those who are trapped. Pray that the dogs will be able to find what they need to find to lead people where they need to be led to save lives. People's lives.

Pray that someone will find the kids from our O and get them supplies and the funds we've sent down before terrible things happen to these babies because they're exposed in this 91 degree weather without water. Pray that God leads people to Avrie and Jessica and Wyclef. Pray that roads can be cleared and food and water and medical supplies delivered to those who need them.

THESE are the people the Lord meant when He talked about doing "Unto the least of these..." It doesn't get any more "least" than orphans in devastated Haiti. It doesn't get any easier to help than to Pray.

And mean it.


Anonymous said...

Lori and Brent--
We love you and are fasting for you, your children, and all the others. We are pleading for miracles--of food, water, safety, and peace (and an expedited path to bring them home to you would be wonderful too).
Todd and Tanya

mlg said...

I want to be Anderson Cooper too or at least his assistant.

Nichole said...

I love your post Lori you get it as well!!
Anyone hear anything about Guildemere and Herbie, or Micheal (friends at La Plaz). Aaron emailed Herbie but hasnt heard back.

David and Candice said...

Stay strong and we will keeping sending out those prayers! And I think there will be alot of Anderson Cooper for Halloween :)

Pete and Mare said...

very sweet post!!!! amen lori! praying for so many things for haiti and most of all for the innocent who are suffering. praying praying praying! ~mare

Loralee Choate said...

I am a heathen and I never tell someone I will pray for them.

But I?

Am praying for your children.

With everything I have.


Kristine said...

Aware of your story through Loralee. Trying to get the latest update. A database of sort is being made through social media of calls for help. At the very least, I'd like to spread the word about your darlings to people on the ground in Haiti. My heart breaks for you. If you are on twitter, contact me @kristinebrite. Otherwise, email me with the latest information you do have of their last known whereabouts and I will spread the word as best as possible. kbrite at gmail dot com

Kristine said...

Again, not sure what and where you are with this. I can't get these little ones out of my head. This is the wording on twitter to use. "Twitter = Tweet last location and names of missing ppl using #relativesinhaiti #haiti" if you didn't already know. I am willing to help in any way possible with reaching people.

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