Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dear President Preval,

Hello, Mr. President,
I saw you on CNN the other night. Very sorry to hear about "your palace". I can kind of imagine what that would be like. In America we have a building we call the White House, but it doesn't belong to the President, it belongs to the people.

I have been waiting patiently since Sunday night to hear what you're going to announce for Haiti's new process to document and record the children that are coming home to American Parents.

I have been praying for you personally, sir. I have been praying that you are lead to a creative, efficient, solution that will help your government feel like they can account for your children and let me get my children home to beds in America.

Cause really, see, they're BOTH of our children. Mine and yours. We're the same in this area.

I want you to know that my babies are sleeping on the ground right now in the courtyard of an orphanage that has taken in the children from MULTIPLE other orphanages. Our building collapsed. My orphans are homeless. And every time another after shock comes they all start screaming hysterically because they are so scared. They need their mommies.

I thought I would take a moment to remind you of the last new documentation process my husband and I experienced with the Haitian government. You might remember it. The one where we were required to appear before a Haitian judge and prove that we "cared about the children".

This is the link to that story, President Preval. All we did last time was sign a Mead Spiral Notebook and hand your judge $100 in cold hard US cash. (

It was documented. You were happy. We went on our way.

I have friends on the ground right now. I have my husband and children on the ground right now. I can ask them to find you a notebook and some money if that's that it takes for you to feel comfortable.

It worked last time.

Maybe if you and I work together we can get these babies home. Our plane leaves in 2 days.

Lori Rosenlof
Jess and Nathan's Mama


Mom of 3 Boys said...

Tears! Prayers! Tears!

No other words!

Cindy said...

Our Prayers continue to be with you.

JD said...

I am a friend of Scott and Michelle's. I have been following their blog and your blog very closely. This was a very well written letter. We will continue to keep your family and all the other families and children in our prayers. They will all be home soon.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

My gosh....I have got to stop crying when I read your updates.

I am praying that God holds the mans heart in his hands and turns it in your direction.

I am holding your children up.

Nikki said...

What a heart-wrenching post. We have been praying for you and your sweet babies. I will pray that the President's heart is softened as well.

mlg said...

That wasn't laced with any cynicism was it?

Anonymous said...

Oh Lori,
Please know that we're all still praying. At some point the rollercoaster ride has to start climbing up again. It will happen!
Love ya,

Melissa said...

You don't know me, but I've followed your blog for some time--you are friends of friends. My thoughts and prayers have been with you since I heard about the earthquake. I hope you get your babies home soon.

Kara and Glen said...

I need to learn not to read your blog when I'm at work. I always cry. Hope things are okay. Praying they get out on Thursday.

kbclogger said...

If only you could really send him that letter... You are a strong woman and I completely admire you! Praying and crying for/with you everyday! Keep strong, you need to be ready when those darling babies come home to you..
Love, KB

cara o'sullivan said...

Praying some more. All of ModusLink is behind you. -- Cara O'Sullivan

Wayne said...

Why *can't* you really send him that letter? ...Or at least those who might actually have an influence (NEAR him)?

Pete and Mare said...

stupid note book! ;)
it will happen.

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