Friday, January 22, 2010

I Have the Best Friends....

It's 1:30 AM and I'm trying to catch up on some work - like from my real job that pays me - since the last couple days have been "less effective" in that area.

Our best friends, Nate and Al, have been over here every night - to help Brent pack, to help me get stuff done, making sure I eat.

Tonight, as I've been trying to catch up on emails and such, Al has cleaned, done all my laundry, organized my office, kidproofed my office, and prepped the kids rooms that will soon (we hope and pray) have two children in them.

I literally couldn't have survived this week without them. Thank you both. I love you dearly!

My cousin, Callie, showed up this afternoon with twin sized sheets. Thank you, friend.

My personal "Martha Stewart", Cliss, showed up with supplies for Brent and amazing ideas on how to feed babies in Haiti with just a ziploc bag. I'm in awe of her skills.

Our neighbors have tied yellow ribbons and balloons to our porch posts. They're rounding up things like children's coats that I didn't think I'd need this year.

We've had people come up with creative ways to help raise money for the orphanage rebuild efforts and to help our friends in Haiti survive the coming months (check back tomorrow for details on what Becky's arranged!)

We have children praying, families praying, neighbors, friends and people we've never met praying for us.

People have asked if they can link to this and share our story - anything to help get word out. Thank you for asking.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for giving us such wonderful support for this most difficult part of this journey!


mlg said...

can he come over and help out at my house too??

Maggie said...

Bless Nate and Alicen!

Lori, call us before you go to buy beds...we have one twin set you can have.

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