Monday, January 25, 2010


We have reached $10K!!!!!!!

People amaze me.

$10K in a little over 24 hours.

God can move mountains.

God can fuel a jet.

God can change the government's hearts and get them to make a decision in time for our children to be on the plane.

That plane is flying into PAP with humanitarian supplies one way or the other. We need our babies to be on that plane when it takes off a few hours later.

Thank you for moving a financial mountain. All these funds are going to be used to get these families together.

Now we ask for your continued prayers that we find a way to get those children on that plane.

We do have to rebuild the orphanage and continue to assist the people that are staying behind.
We have friends that are like our family that our left in Haiti.

Our dear friend Harry said, "I hope that life can come back soon to Haiti. Now it is dead. There is no life. There is no work. There is nothing."

The nonprofit that you've donated to supports HAITI, so anything that does not go to to jet fuel will be used to rebuild for the families that can't leave.

Haiti will still be there even when our babies are home.

Haiti and her people... still need us.

Thank you for your continued support. Sometimes God can work miracles out of disaster. And if one of the miracles is that people are more aware of the mess that Haiti is in then I am grateful for that miracle.


The Brown's said...

GOD will get those kids on the plane! Good job on the fundraising:)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

God is so good! Praying for those babies to be on the plan!

Marilyn said...

We continue to pray for Haiti and you and your kids.

Anonymous said...

Your are a woman of great faith! It is awesome to read you blog along with your testimony. Thank you for reminding us there are kids that are going to be left behind, we need not forget them. I raised some money in my town because I am worried that they will be the forgotten ones when the news gets bored with Haiti. I think you have done your part now it is in the Lords hands trust in HIM!!! My prayers are with you and Jess.

Rhandi said...


Your words and story are inspiring and touching. I just spent the last half hour reading your blog and crying. Then looking at my children and crying some more, thinking about Hait, your chilcren and crying again . . . you get the pattern.

A woman in your ward Emily Jones gave me your blog information.

In short, I am in the process of planning a 5k run/walk in Provo for Haiti. My husband and I started a charity called Race to Save and we want to focus soley on Haiti for the time being. At the time being we don't have our 501 C(3) f process complete, so we can't offically collect funds in our charities name.

Without writing a novel and giving you all the details. I would love to contact with you and look at the possibility of donating all of our funds your way. We are doing 2 races April 10, one in Provo and one in WA and our goal is to raise 10k in Provo and the WA goal hasn't been set yet. We have been considering partnering with UNICEF or Red Cross but we really want to make sure ALL of the funds go directly to Haiti where they are needed most! So, I would love to know more about Hope for Little Angels and the possibility of working together. I have been praying constantly to know how and where the funds will go and then I found out about you, so it just might be meant to be.
Please contact me if you have any interest. or my cell 760-613-4107 ( a little background so you feel comfortable contacting me- I live in Provo, My hubby is getting is MBA at BYU and I have 2 boys (3 and 11 months). I also have a BS in Public Health, I am passionate about children and service and really want to make a difference).

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