Sunday, January 29, 2012

Two Years...

Two years ago today was the longest day of my life after the longest two weeks of my life.

Two years ago yesterday was the day that I went to bed thinking that we were never going to get our kids out of Haiti, despite finding a plane and in spite of the good readers of this blog raising $10,000 for jet fuel in a day. 


You're part of the miracle.

Two years ago yesterday was the day the Haitian Prime Minister had disappeared and we just couldn't get the signature we needed for our babies to be on that plane and our plane HAD to depart.  Haiti's airport wasn't allowing layovers. 

Two years ago today was the day I woke up to find that God keeps His promises and that He never, ever cheats anyone and that I should never waste a second doubting. Never.

Two years ago today was the day that this blog received tens of thousands of hits as you all tried to "will" that miracle to happen by hitting F5 and refreshing the page.

Two years ago today was the day that Nate finally got on that plane and finally made it to America.

Two years ago today was the day that Chareyl, exhausted more than any woman should be, had to get on that plane and leave behind the last few children, who did all finally make it home within a few weeks.  Chareyl will always be who I want to be when I grown up.

All of that was on my mind this morning as I dressed my son for Church.  I asked him if he thought the hotel we'll stay at (in a few weeks when we go to California) will have a pool.  My sweet boy, remembering I don't know how to swim, put his hand on my arm and said, "Mama, just do what I do.  We have to go under the water, but you just watch my eyes and do what I show you.  And if you get scared, it's OK.  You can just climb out of the pool and I'll be there."

('Cause you know... his round of summer swimming lessons make him Michael Phelps.)

He's comforting me.

He's teaching me.

He's blessing me... daily.

My life hasn't been the same, thank the Good Lord, since that day two years ago, when my son finally made it through the Haitian paperwork and landed in Miami.

And I'm grateful every day for the blessing of being a Mama to this sweet little man who is fascinated with animals and concerned about others and wants to know if every character in every book we read has a family like him.

Thank you for your prayers and helping to make that miracle happen.

I thought you'd want to know you've changed lives.  And we're still grateful.

photo Mike Terry/Deseret News

photo Mike Terry/Deseret News

Friday, January 20, 2012

"Why caterpillars make racoons?"

He means "cocoon" (and I know they make chrysalises, but you try getting a 4 year old to say that)


Mama, When I grow up, can I be a turtle holder?
- A turtle holder?
-(exasperated sigh) You know... the guy what holds turtles!

(thanks... that cleared it right up for me.)
(also, remind me to tell your dad that we can't plan on you supporting us in our old age)


It finally snowed like 3 weeks after Christmas.  Nate was SO excited and ran to the window exclaiming "It's Christmas!"  He was sad to find out that it didn't mean it was Christmas again.

We spent 5 minutes getting him suited up for him to spent about 45 seconds in the skiff of snow before deciding the wind in his face was more than this Haitian wanted at the moment.


Nate was staring at me the other evening.  I asked him what was wrong.  With much joy he exclaimed, "Mama, those lines on your forehead look JUST LIKE train tracks!!"

He's so proud of me.

Then he walked over and used his finger to "choo-choo" across my brow.


Monday, January 2, 2012

Nate: "Mama, I'm smart?"

Mama:  "Yes, you are, Sweetness."

Nate: "But, Mama, what can I do with smart?"

Mama:  "Anything you can imagine, Sweetness.... anything you can imagine."