Friday, January 22, 2010

Fundraising Ideas

My friend's brother's wife ('s cousin's uncle's neighbor...??) writes a blog that gets traffic. She's using the "Coin for Comments" idea to donate 5 cents to Hope for Little Angels of Haiti for every person that comments on this post

Thanks for the great idea, Becky. Things work better when we all do the best we can with what we have where we are. Thank you for your support of our babies.


Jill said...

We're glad to hear that Brent and team has made it there safely. We pray that as they go in search of Jessica that angels will guide them and that she will soon be in her papa's arms.

Jill and Michael Butt

Shaylee said...

I continue to pray for little Jessica. I know angels *are* watching over her. She is such a beautiful little girl, and I hope you four are united soon. :)

Love and blessings,
Shaylee Butt

Sandra said...

I've been plastering this all over my Facebook and blog. I hope it helps. I can't even imagine what it must be like for you and Brent. I hope you get to hug them both soon, safe and sound at home with you!

Maggie said...

I know that everyone involved with this is working so very hard, and under trying circumstances. I continue to pray that we can have miracles. Nathan, Jessica, and all of the children deserve miracles.
The Team Hope deserves miracles.
The families waiting for word from Haiti deserve miracles.
They have happened before. They will continue to happen.

Marilyn said...

Lori and Brent, You are amazing. We are praying that Jessica will be found and that your family will be "safe and sound" very soon.
Orson and Marilyn Porter

Michael Petrovich said...

Thanks for your beautiful idea
fundraising ideas

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