Monday, October 26, 2009


The kids are beautiful, as always. Jess is just a dynamic, happy little girl.

She's definitely not a baby any more. We have some fun video that I'll have to post in the coming days. She definitely latched onto her Papa and was always looking for "Papa mwen" ("my Papa") by the end of the trip.

Nathan was sick. We were able to get him on an antibiotic, and he felt better toward the end of the visit, but he spent most of the trip crying or sleeping. He's a very sweet little man, and very cuddly. He's Mama's boy and just wanted to be held and for the most part we were happy to oblige him.

We have a crazy week in front of us. We found out while we were in Haiti that our current home has definitely sold and it's closing on the 3rd. The bank still hasn't made a decision on the short-sale home we're trying to buy but we've made arrangements to move into it and rent it while the bank decides what they're going to do with the property. We basically have a week to pack everything up while still dealing with catching up at our respective jobs and church callings.

Brent's sick. Not sure what he's got. It started towards the end of our trip and he felt like it was just his seasonal allergies reacting to something in the tropics. Today, however, he can't even speak because his throat is so sore and he's coughing. Should make for a crazy week all the way around.

Friday, October 9, 2009


I can't sleep... We've entered the stage of my pre-trip jitters where it's like Christmas Eve and the anticipation is gonna kill me. (Yeah, all that mumbo jumbo about "not a creature was stirring"? Absolute lies, I tell you!!) Although at this point, I'm can see how if one gets enough sleep deprivation, you actually could see a large elf in a sleigh pulled by 8 tiny reindeer and pull of a plausible rhyme about it.

B was sick. He's better now. So much for his "Diddle tids don't get tick" concept.

We may have some "final countdown" action going on with our house. The one in which we currently live, that is. The one that we made an offer on over 90 days ago? Yeah, Bank of America is still being rude to our realtor and saying that they "have the right" to review the offer. Oh, wait... I thought that was the intention with the last 90 days.... That's OK. I'm going to see my babies in Haiti in another 7 days and everything else can just wait.

I need to remember to pick up more "mamba" (Kreyol for "peanut butter"). I don't think our kids can ever get enough peanut butter. They can use more meat on their bones.

This is what happens when you crack open one of those "easy to pack but Lori thinks it's kind of a ridiculous price for the amount of peanut butter you get unless you're taking it to your babies in Haiti" sized packages in front of our kids:

You open the package and they can smell it, I swear. They drop what they're doing and come running.

I wish you could hear them. It's like a nest of hungry baby birds clamoring for the worm.

Here's my nephew, Collin, thinking that mamba is "lip-licking good".

More, please!

To our dear friend, N, who is having surgery today: our thoughts and prayers are with you and we hope the doctors can find the trouble and get you better!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"...You're the Only Thing In Every Room You're Ever In..."

I've decided that the Pinewood Derby is a force of nature. I don't know what else could have put a smile THAT BIG on B's face, plus allowed Brent to use his propane torch AND his belt sander while helping B make his car. Good times, good times....

I haven't seen B for a couple of days. I'm starting to get worried about him. I'm sure it's just because it's colder outside so he's not out as much. How creepy is it if the 36 yr old goes over to see if the 8 yr old can play?

To be honest, B's basically a latchkey kid so no one would know if I went by to check on him anyway. I know - insane to leave an 8 year old home alone. Don't get me started. But it's unfortunately not illegal in this state. I've checked. Turns out most states don't have a minimum legal age kids must reach before they can be left home alone. In case you were wondering (which I'm sure you weren't) I also learned that in New Zealand a child must be FOURTEEN before they can be legally left home alone. Doesn't that seem a bit much?? I'm guessing that's exactly the reason most of our United States haven't "laid down the law" on that one. There's no way to make people happy, with or without a law like that. People can be so difficult.

We're down to single digits until our trip to see our kids again. 9 more days... This trip will make one year since we were reunited with our Nathan last October. Remember this:
Another year gone and no end in sight.

I hope my babies know that, for their momma and their poppa, they are the only thing. They're it. Our hearts, our lives, our souls... they're in an orphanage in Haiti with them. I feel like we'll get the "rest of us" back next weekend, when we see these little people again.

We're coming....