Saturday, January 23, 2010


So the Church of Scientology got us to Haiti and the Freemasons called me today and they're buying us car seats.

It is so amazing when God pulls all of us together for a mutual cause.

These kids have been touching lives and they aren't even home yet. They are strong souls. They are going to be awesome people. They're going to continue to make a difference.

I've been working like crazy trying to coordinate things for Team Hope on the ground, the Embassy, Senators, Congressmen, concerned parents, and organizations like the Freemasons who have offered to help these families that are trying to bring babies home.

Then today I got a call from Chareyl that they needed a plane. "Can you find us a ride home?" I'm on it....

I'd just hung up with Chris Smart at the SL Trib and I called him back and said, "Chris, how much do you like me?" and told him my situation and asked him who he'd start calling. So he gave me some numbers. I started calling.

People are willing to help but jet fuel is expensive. I spoke with Kathy with Jeremy Johnson's group and she said she'd start making calls. "Do you have money to defray the costs of jet fuel because it will be a lot easier to get someone to let us use their plane if we can offset the costs of jet fuel." So we started making calls and we believe we have the $10K we need for jet fuel lined up. It's been a day of miracles.

Now I just need a plane.....

The Department of Homeland Security is working on that with me and the LDS Church Emergency Services as well as Jeremy Johnson's group. Everyone is very positive that they can find a flight that meets our needs (seating as many people as we have and coming to the USA on Tuesday.)

Please keep praying. Miracles are happening, but we're not out of the woods yet.

This is the update I sent out to the group tonight:

OK.... Remember we're working with Haiti and things sometimes run on Haitian Standard Time...

I heard from Chareyl and Nadia is bringing 'the country kids" (as they're referring to the Meuzelaars, Vania and Z) tomorrow. She didn't get them to Fontamara today. I know this will frustrate many of you, but I think it demonstrates how comfortable they are that they are being cared for in their current location.

Also, I've only had one family receive an email from DHS and it's definitely not required that you get that email. They may not send them at all. Heaven knows they have better things to do than send confirmation emails. :) So don't stress if you do not receive one.

Also, I've been working today to arrange a plane. I want you all to know that we were able to round up $10K in donations today from large contributors to pay for jet fuel. I'm still working out the logistics of the plane and when and where and such and will contact you all as soon as I have anything firm enough to book your own plane tickets against.

Please, please know that there are so many miracles in this whole process. Please don't lose faith if there are a few bumps (like missing emails from DHS or children that stay one more day with their birth families) here at the end.


Anonymous said...

My kids are at Foyer. I've been feeling panicy today. Thanks for your post. It helped me put my trust in Heavenly Father once again.

Connie said...

I hope my donation added to the others will help. I have known Brent for years, "Just So" is my daughter in law so I have tracked your progress through her. You are in our prayers Heavenly Father will help locate Jessica and bring your babies home to you

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