Friday, January 1, 2010

Bring It On, 2010...

Yes, we have word that our paperwork is supposedly in the next Haitian office. That's a go

Still no word on Jessica. People keep asking me if she's being cared for wherever she is. I don't know where she is. I can't answer that question. I would think her birth father is doing the best he can for her, wherever they are.

I personally have taken to thinking of it as if she's on a really long field trip and the school bus is going to bring her back any minute now...

...any minute now....

One of the football commentators on the game Brent is watching just said, "... he did this by himself with a little help from others..."

Umm.... I think that means that he wasn't by himself.

Isn't it funny, though? We always like to think we're in control of things or being independent or whatever and really none of us is ever alone.

That's one thing this entire adoption process has shown us repeatedly. We're not in charge. We can't change or speed up or fix or resolve the problems that we encounter. We can only choose to let these experiences take us to our knees and turn to the One that's really in charge.

We have different friends that have been praying for the answers to their hearts desires for a number of years. We pray that this year is the year that those answers come to them. That they find themselves where they want to be with the people they want to be with.

And we pray this year brings us our babies home.

Here's some pictures from the last 18 months' of trips to kick off the new year:


Teri said...

I was just catching up on your blog. It has been too long since I was here. My heart and prayers are with you.

Pete and Mare said...

I have been taking the same approach... that Jessica is on a field trip with very loving people around her... and at the end of the trip she will be back with fun stories to share.;) Yes, I pray this is the year of miracles when everyones children come home! ~Mare

Bambi and Adam said...

I'm with you, Bring on 2010 ! Still praying for Jess to return soon ! Let this be a BIG year for Haitian adoptions. Haiti..... MOVE THOSE FILES :)

Lisa said...

What an amazing attitude you have! I applaud you for that! 2010 will be "OUR" year, the year that so, so many of us will begin our lives with our children home from Haiti!

The Brown's said...

we have some friends that have been praying for a baby for 15 years and it finally happened. Miracles do happen and your 2 miracles will happen too! LOVE YA!

Tree by the Sea Farms said...

So happy to hear your file is indeed in MOI. I keep praying for your little family, and await any news.


Perla said...

i love you guys and i love those babies. and jess, its about time for you to come back now. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brent and Lorie,
We are sad for you and little Jessica.
In this new year, we pray for you and your family and for Jessica's be your daughter.
Isabelle Corlay

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