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That's not exactly how it went down... Its actually better. I was on the Tarmac from wheels down to wheels up and it was miracle after miracle. 1)the plane made it here in the first place 2) the pilot agreed to stay. 3) the tarmac commander agreed to let him stay, so long as he moved the plan to the "south 40" and was in the air no later then 1100. 4) the flight attendants agreed to stay 5) the charter company agreed to have the plane stay. 1100 came and went and there Sun Country N806SY sat in spot #2 dwarfed by her giant neighboring C-17s. At this point people are starting to sweat, airplanes are backing up both on the ground and in the air, company bosses are needing their plane back, etc, etc! The ICE agent in charge was the one saying he'd ground this plane before hed let it go empty, he was truly awesome. The pilot was great but the list of those who contributed to backing up the single most busy piece of tarmac in the entire world was long. From the President of the country, to the JAG adoption specialist, to the taxi driver who broke every natural law to get the packets from the embassy to the airport - there were countless miracles. I put one little boy named Ramone in the seat on the plane and he said in his broken english. "I go home". That is what its all about.


Lynnae said...

Thank you for "the rest of the story". And God bless everyone who helped get those children on that plane! We HEART you!

Hope for Little said...
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AN said...

Thank you for the update on this story. It is truly all a miracle. It's easy to see what everyone else does but I feel you were more involved than you are letting on even if you think you just put a child in their seat! So don't forget the good you are doing as well and how much it is appreicated!

Jenn said...

I have no idea who you guys are (we linked in via BIHL), but your story has touched my life. My eyes are being opened to bigger things. Thank you for sharing your story. I sit here and cry each time I read it. We are anxious to read about Jessica's arrival...the Lord will bring her home!

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