Friday, January 22, 2010

Update from Haiti

I just spoke to Chareyl. She is finally finished at the Embassy for the day. She got there at 8 AM and it's now 10 PM.

The good news first - she has been able to submit all our paperwork - the entire group.

She has a return appointment to pick up the Humanitarian parole paperwork for our group on Monday. She said she will have to stand in line again then, and it may be 8 hours again before she gets through the line.

Because of this, they're working with the Church of Scientology and other groups to try to get our kids out on Tuesday. We should definitely be done with the paperwork by then.

I also just talked to Team Hope. Brent said all the children look "really good", particularly for what they've been through. He said the Scientologists told UNICEF where our group is at the Fontamara branch of Foyer de Sion, and UNICEF brought water containers and blankets for everyone. He said the children are all spread out blankets outside under the stars, giggling when they should be sleeping. Obviously that makes it sound idyllic, but he said, "I cannot believe the resiliency of these children's souls.

We're not out of the woods yet. We still need to get the last few children transported to Fontamara. We need to find Jessica. We need the poor woman at the Embassy (yes, two workers for the hundreds of people wanting Humanitarian Parole... I'm contacting Senators when I'm done here...) to be blessed with the superhuman strength she needs to finish the task placed before her. We need our paperwork approved. We need to find a flight home. We need our babies home.

Have you thought, recently, about how incredibly blessed you are to have been born where you were to the people you were born to with the country you have?

Please, help us by keeping the prayers up.

It's a been 10 days since the earthquake. The media is already bored with Haiti. I can see the shift in their focus. Haiti and her people are going to need our help for a long, long time to come.

As I've said before, it's the old rule we learned on the kindergarten playground: You need to take care of everyone littler than you. Even if they're only "littler" because of the circumstances of the country into which they were born.


Anonymous said...

at least some of us care about you!
Our prayers are with you.
Julie and Nancy and Grandma and Grandpa harris

corilee said...

I saw Brian and Paige's post. You and your family are in our prayers! What precious angels! We hope you receive some good news about Jessica very soon.

JAEAEAJ said...

Miss Lori words can not describe what I am feeling while I read your blog updates; your heart is bigger than any I have seen in a very long time. You are in our hearts and prayers daily.
MUAH! Andrea C. Fernelius

Anonymous said...

Lori-it's me, Amber Hill! Michelle sent me an email. I had no idea!! I will keep your family in my prayers. I saw Brent at the store the other day and he looked so familiar but I couldn't figure out who he was, and then when I got home I realized, "Oh, that was Lori's husband!" Anyway, good luck with everything. I love your blog. Your writing is BEAUTIFUL!!

utah owl said...

You are in my prayers - our adopted daughter from Guatemala is now 19 years old, but the years haven't dulled the horrible stress of knowing that YOUR CHILDREN are hundreds of miles away, out of your ability to comfort and hold...and we didn't have to cope with an earthquake. Post the names of the embassy staff who are so helpful, and a bunch of us can write letters of commendation. Great hearts should get great praise (and maybe, a raise?)

Uncle J said...

Lori, we have asked those praying for Aunt G to include Team Hope and baby Jessica in their prayers. All of you are in our prayers constantly. Know that we love you and miss you.

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