Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Update from Haiti

We haven't had internet access since we arrived, but the hotel has it fixed now.

We made it just fine. We picked up Jessica and she's doing wonderfully. She's got a silly, sassy personality and she's a bit of a diva. :D

Still no news at all about Malot. At least, no good news. The uncle apparently lives in a village some distance from PAP and our folks at the O are trying to see if they can make arrangements to bring him to PAP to meet with us. Everything in Haiti is slow, manual, and delayed, so we'll see if things work out that way. We haven't heard how Malot is doing physically, but our contacts do feel that the uncle intended to get medical assistance for him. We're hopeful that has taken place.

I wasn't prepared for how difficult it was for me to unpack Malot's things and just put them all in a bag and set them aside for the week.

I'll post some pictures tonight. Looks like Blogger has a scheduled outtage at some point tonight, so we'll try to work around that and our own internet access.

Thank you so much for all the prayers. We feel like this will eventually work out for the best even though things don't make sense to us right now. Hope springs eternal...


The Brown's said...

Lori I have been checking your blog off and on today hoping for an update. I was relieved to hear that you made it safely and that you were able to pick Jessica up. Hopefully contact can be made with Malot's uncle soon so that you can have some piece of mind. Your in our prayers!

Perla said...

lots and lots of prayers still coming your way from me!

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