Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lightening Does Strike Twice on the Same Heart

We received from terrible, devastating news on Friday afternoon. Apparently, Malot is much sicker than how it was presented to us the day before when we found out he was in the hospital. The details are very sketchy, but here's what we know, as quoted from the email we received:

"Abel, the orphanage manager, was taking Malot from one hospital to another facility where there is a specialist that could look at Malot. Apparently, Malot has had diarrhea for days and has lost so much weight that they are so worried about how extremely sick he has been. As they were leaving the first hospital Malot’s uncle (the one who brought him to the orphanage initially) showed up and was very upset at Malot’s condition. He said that he wanted to take Malot home. Abel called the police because he was afraid if the uncle took Malot, Malot may not make it. But the police really do not care about the orphanage and adoptive families or anything like that so they gave Malot to the uncle.
We really do not have much other information. We don’t know if he just wanted to take him to nurse him back to health or if he thought Malot was not going to make it and he should be with family."
Yes, you read that last part right - the uncle apparently feels he's so deathly ill that he's taking him home to die.

We've been reeling since this information was received on Friday afternoon. I can't fathom not having Malot with us. I'm furious that he's apparently THAT sick and it seems that they only tried to get him to the hospital the day before. I'm terrified that the uncle won't trust the orphanage to give him back. I'm scared that we won't be able to find the uncle to try to meet with him and explain that as much as this little boy is his nephew, he is also our son. I'm horrified that perhaps the uncle is right and Malot "isn't going to make it". I'm terrified of meeting Harry at the airport and having him tell me those words that would indicate that Malot's illness beat him and he's no longer our beautiful boy.

What is wrong with these processes and governments and people and all of this huge mess? Why do so many children die before they can get to a place with food, clean water, medicine and a momma and poppa that they don't have to share.

Some one said, 'If this doesn't work out with Malot, you can just pick another kid!" For starters, this isn't a shoe store. We're talking about families. Eternal impacting things. And for secondars, this is like having a miscarriage, but after you've loved, fed, hugged, cared for, snuggled, played and talked to them. How many miscarriages do you try before you just have to take the hint and quit doing what you're doing?

We need hope, we need peace, we need prayers.

We need Malot to survive until we get there. We need Harry to be able to find Malot's uncle and take us there. We need the gift of tongues to help us communicate with this man. We need angels to attend us. We need angels by Malot's beside to comfort him and help him heal. We need it to not be too late. We need to hang on to the way Malot led us to Jessica and the rightness the situation with the two have them as always felt.

We need our son. please, let us find him and get him to the right doctor and help him to get well.


Perla said...

oh my gosh, lori. i don't know what to say. i am going to just go straight up stairs and starting praying my heart out right now. i feel scared but something in my heart says its going to be okay. you are coming now, when he needs you most. hang on, malot! mom and dad are coming! it is going to be okay!!!

mlg said...

Lori, I'm sorry, I will be praying the whole way. That sweet little boy has got to be ok.

Pete and Mare said...

This was my comment the night I found out: I truly believe that theres a chance for you and Brent to really make a differance next week. Keep being strong and hold tight to your faith, I know this is the hardest one yet but it's so worth fighting for your happy ending-and I know you two fully plan to do so. We are praying for you a lot and thinking of you. We are with you all the way!!!! Great big hug for each of you.
Reading your post...Malot came to the right parents. We are behind you 100%. We have family and some freinds fasting and praying for you guys today and they will keep praying through out the week. We are praying for you and anything you need, please let us know. We love you, all four of you and we have hope and faith that this miracle will come about.

Lynnae said...

Lori and Brent, you have been in my prayers since your mom called and told me what happened.

Love you and am keeping you both in my heart.

Anonymous said...

Livesays and McHouls in PAP area might have good advice if you aren't already in contact with them. I don't know them but read their blogs.



Brenda said...

I am in tears at this news. I know how much you love Malot. I will continue to pray for you, Brent, Malot and Jessica.

Paige and Brian said...

We love you and you are ALL in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Lori and Brent,

Hi! You don't know me. I am a friend of Marilee and Pete's and logged on to your blog. Wow!! What you must be going through. You are in my thoughts and prayers at this time as your "little one" and you need all of Heavenly Father's love. Hopefully, Everything will be alright and this is but "a moment in time". I do have a strong testiomony that Heavenly Father does look out for his children. May God be with you at this time.


Best of the Best said...

WOW!!!! I'm floored!! My prayers are with the four of you. I pray you will find Malot and that he is getting the care that's needed.


Anonymous said...

Lori & Brent.........
We are just sickened by this latest news. Our hearts are aching right now. We will pray that this trip will afford you some answers, some peace, some joy, and some understanding. We love you both and are praying for you.
Love, Rob and Cliss

My25Cents said...

Don't know what else to do but pray and pray some more. All of your names are on the D.C. prayer roll. Praying for a miracle.

Sara said...

Oh, Lori and Brent. Oh, I feel heartsick about this. Praying for you.

The Brown's said...

Lori- My heart aches for you. I am so sorry to hear this news. Please know that Josh and I will be praying for you and your sweet family. I know our Father will intercede in your behalf. Keep us posted. We love you!!!

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