Monday, October 27, 2008


Nathan is a sweet, gentle soul. He's just a tender-hearted pork-n-bean, just like his mother was at that age. He's a very loving little man. He's sensitive and snuggly and he's very attached to his daddy.

Jessica is 100% fiesty Haitian. Not from Concentrate. She's also very sweet, but she knows what she wants and she knows what she doesn't want. She's got a goofy little personality and she's starting to make games up. She didn't have a lot to work with but one of her favorites was called, "Whack Daddy on the leg and run away so he has to chase me". That one was delightful.

Nathan has these beautiful eyelashes that reach to his brows. And these large, deep eyes that are so expressive. And the most perfect little lips. I love his lips. I wish you could all have the opportunity to cover his lips and cheeks in kisses!

Nathan is also part chipmunk. You may not have known that.

We fed him dinner and then returned to our room and washed their hands and faces. He was running around the room playing with his sister. About 15 minutes later, I notice he's chewing something. So I go fish it out of his mouth. Oh! It's a piece of chicken that he'd been holding in some of the storage space inside his ample kissable cheeks. I see he's learning about keeping a food supply early. One never knows when one might get a mite peckish and need a bit of chicken to fill the gap.

Other things he can do with his lips:
I will be posting answers to some of the questions in the next blog, I hope.


Pete and Mare said...

I love this post! Thank you! You guys are such a beautiful wonderful family! Your kiddos are so adorable! ;)

The Brown's said...

lori you make me laugh! your kids are so cute, i can't wait to meet them!

Perla said...

i love that jess is not from concentrate. awesome! and nathan is "brown sugar all over" as a lady once said about my adopted niece.

D'Asia said...

your kids are so beautiful! I'm so happy for you guys! Jessica is so stunning! and nathan is such a cutie!

Salzwedel Family said...

Your kids are so completely precious. I love the descriptions!

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