Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Am Lethal Nervous

This post is brought to you by Tums, Advil PM and the number 2.

Christmas Eve is National Insomnia Day for me. If I have selected gifts that I know people are going to love, I can't sleep in anticipation of their reaction. I love to watch people's faces when they see what's in the box. I start thinking about it a couple of days before hand and by the time Christmas Eve arrives I can hardly wait.

These last couple of weeks have been like one really long Christmas Eve for me. I can't sleep. The anticipation is killing me. I can scarcely wait to walk into the O and see Malot. I don't know if they tell them that we're coming (can you imagine what THAT anticipation is like for them??).

Last time we walked into the O and all the kids were sitting around in the converted carport. They were singing and just hanging out. Momma spotted Malot right away. I picked out those eyes and knew that was my little boy.

This time, he'll recognize us. Will he be happy? Will he be mad that we left him? Will he be worried next week, wondering when we'll leave him again? Will he be shy? Will he come right to us? What about Jessica? She's so little and it's been 4 months. Since we saw her last, she's moved into the orphanage with all those kids. She's got a much bigger social circle this time than she had last time. Will she remember us? Will she be sad to come with us again? Will she remember her Daddy? (they were best buds last time)

A kind woman from Brent's work brought over a few bags of new summer children's clothes. Thank you, Tricia! So many beautiful things!

Someone very near and dear to us gave us money for our orphanage. We're so grateful for the support for our kids.

3 days, 10 hours and some change....

Bring on the Advil PM.


mlg said...

I am right there with you! I was up until 2 am the other night thinking about seeing the girls at the O and wondering if they will remember me, come running up to me, or will they be mad! I have to remember that the anticipation is part of this process and enjoy every moment of it!

Pete and Mare said...

Amen! I was just speaking with my friend Hailey this afternoon about this very thing the Hellos and Goodbyes... This is such a special experiance and I'm so glad that we'll all be there togetehr. By the way I think your children will be VERY happy to see you (now Jordan... I'm not counting on it. Abie needs a little warming up and Joey a little more) I hope you get some sleep tonight.

Cara Peckys said...

Oh my gosh, have a wonderful, wonderful time. There is nothing that can touch the feeling of being with your kids, smelling their heads, holding their hands, watching them sleep...nothing can even come close...
Have a safe and healthy trip and take some pictures of those beautiful children!!

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