Thursday, October 23, 2008


Jessica playing Peek-A-Boo....It's kind of nice that her birth name is the one we're keeping. "Jessica" and "No" are the only two words we said that she understood and she wasn't too fond of the "NO" so at least she responded favorably to "Jessica".

There's something about that tone of voice that you use when you are playing Peek-A-Boo, though... it's the same tone of voice everywhere, I think. You know the one.... where she puts her hands over her eyes and you say,


and then when she uncovers her eyes you say,

"THERE she is!!!!"

and everyone claps and you all agree it's the best game ever and you play it again.

Yeah, that's the voice. She totally gets that. That game rocks (apparently).

Nathan, on the other hand, doesn't know his name is "Nathan". His birth name is "John Peter", and we're not keeping it. He'll catch on, but for now, we just keep saying his name and trying to get his attention at the same time.

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Anonymous said...

You know Paige and Jessica are about the same age if you think she's about two. Paige will be two on Nov. 12th. And she absolutely loves that game too. You'll have to see a video we took of Paige playing that game over the summer. She was so dramatic. ;)

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