Thursday, October 9, 2008

Do You Think I'd Get Any Takers if I Posted on Craigslist Looking for "Wealthy Person Wanting to Adopt an Orphanage"?

I'm just asking... trying to get creative here.

We've been very blessed by great friends and family. More people from my old company (Brent's current company) have contributed money for the orphanage and we received a very sweet note on our door from our best friends with some O money in it.

One never knows how these things will turn out... in Haiti, you can get admitted to a hospital without paying, but they won't discharge you until you've paid your bill. Harry has to be concerned every time someone gets sick - wondering if they'll be able to pull together the funds to pay for the doctor or the hospital or the medicine. There's no insurance in Haiti which means there's not a "co-pay"... it's more like "all pay". You have to pay the full bill yourself.

I gather that there is another little child in addition to Malot that's in the hospital right now, so it's very fortunate that we're going down so quickly and can bring funds to pay for these children's medical care.

Everything is so expensive there. People think because it's a third world country that things are cheap. Not so. It's harder to get things there so things are very expensive. It costs Nadia $3500/month to feed the children, and that doesn't include the rent, the wages for the aunties, the utilities, medical care, clothing for the children, the teacher we're trying to get, etc, etc, etc.

You don't realize how lucky you are. So many things we take for granted. I need to update my "Good Stuff" post to include:

Medication. Checking Accounts. Salary pay. Insurance. Instacare. Co-pays. Stability. Health. Clean water.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about Malot. We will definately keep him in our prayers, along with Jessica and you two. It just makes me soooo mad! Why can't we just get them home?!?! Okay, I need to learn a little patience from you two. You're amazing, and I know things will be okay. Love ya. Trudi

Pete and Mare said...

I truly believe that theres a chance for you and Brent to really make a differance next week. Keep being strong and hold tight to your faith, I know this is the hardest one yet but it's so worth fighting for your happy ending-and I know you two fully plan to do so. We are praying for you a lot and thinking of you. We are with you all the way!!!! Great big hug for each of you.

Perla said...

cars. clean, smooth roads. electricity.

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