Thursday, October 16, 2008

This picture was taken when we went to pick her up at the orphanage. We gave her crackers, so you can see the yummy remnants of those on her sweet cheeks.

She's been under the weather, but we finally got an antibiotic. She's doing better and has actually been playing and smiling today. She's still kind of unsure of what to do with all this attention from two adults.

She thinks the pool is of the devil. She nearly comes out of her skin when you get her wet. Not fun for this little lady! That's been a change since Malot had such a great time at the pool last trip. It's been good overall though as it's left Uncle Brent free to play with other kids in the pool.

We were able to file our papers with USCIS for Jessica, but that was an adventure that will have to be explained in detail in another post.

Last night we used Skype to call both of our mothers. If you're unfamiliar with that application, it allows you to use your computer to place phone calls. If both users have web cameras you can see each other over the computer. Sweet little Jessica played Peek-a-Boo with both of her grandmas last night over the computer. She kept trying to feed them some of her food and she touched their faces on the computer screen over and over again. She was chewing on a bracelet when we called Brent's mom and she made up this little game where she would take a bite and then hold it up to Grandma for her to "take a bite". She likes to share (mostly). It was very sweet! Thank heavens for modern technology!

Still no word on Malot.

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The Brown's said...

That is very sweet that she already loves her Grandmas! Start to start introducing th "babysitters" early:O)

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