Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Checking In

Dear Zambrie, Abbie, Joey and Jordan,
I talked to your respective parents this last week. We're trying to get everything packed for our trip and Uncle Brent and I made a few trips to pick up the boxes of food we're taking down to you this time and then to drop it off to your parents so they can pack it.

I talked to Zambrie's Daddy. Oh, Z... he's so anxious to sweep you up in his arms and give you such a fabulous hug. I hope you know how much your mom and dad have done to help motivate others to give to support you and Nadia's orphanage. Your mom and dad are good people, Z. I see them in you. Somehow, you are all of the same spirit and what a beautiful one it is!

I talked to Abbie, Joey and Jordan's Daddy and Mommy. Oh, I hope some day that you'll be able to read in journals and letters about all the work that have gone into the process of loving you home. You have fine parents and they are GOOD. I've talked to you three in June. I told your Mommy that there's an extra something about those three siblings. They are meant for great things. And I've seen Abbie's face light up when they tell her that her America Momma is coming "next time".

We all need each other in this mess that is international adoption. We need the kids. The kids need us. The families need the families.

Oh, little ones! I hope you know that "next time" is here. Just a few more days and we're leaving on a jet plane. Sleep tight, little ones. Your mommas and daddies are coming.

11 days...


R AND R AND Z said...

that is so sweet. I can not wait and thank you again for getting the food to all of us Utahen

Pete and Mare said...

Oh my goodness Lori... sooo very sweet!:) Thank you! There are sooo many hidden blessings in this amazing experiance for all of us in brining our children home. You guys are defiantly major true blessings in our lives, such blessings. Thank you again for all your help with the food and also for everything else. This trip will be amazing ;) Not long now.

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