Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why We Make Trips to Haiti

I'm stealing this entry from my friend, Melissa's blog. It made me cry.

I know what these trips to Haiti do for Brent and I. I know why we go. It was great to hear Melissa's son, Luc explain what the trips had done for him. Melissa's kids have been home since the end of July. They're about 5 and 6, I believe.

14 months ago, Seth and I visited the kids at the orphanage and took them a Mickey and Minnie Mouse stuffed animal. They STILL talk about it all of the time and tell me how much they loved those. Today, we went to the Disney Store and they were ecstatic to see the very same Mickey and Minnie that they had left behind in Haiti. I let them buy a new one today and they have not left either of their sides since. Tonight when Seth came home, I realized why these were so significant to them. Luc attacked Seth as soon as he walked in the door and showed him his Mickey and said, "Look dad, Mickey Mouse like you brought Luc at the orphanage and then Luc had a mom and a dad and Lyvi and Coltyn." That was the first time that Seth had met them and they associate the Mickey and Minnie with becoming a family.

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Perla said...

its so strange how i didn't shed a tear in haiti but now i'm just a blubbering mess. oh wait, i remember once when my eyes welled up in haiti! i asked harry in the van how the ol' rosenlofs were faring and he said "jean peter came back" and i was like, "what the h@*!!?" and then i got weepy.

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