Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thank you...

My dear friend Susan saw children's flip flops on a great sale and promptly bought up all she could so she could send them down to "Brent and Lori's kids" in Haiti.

A longtime friend and close neighbor for Brent's family read through the blog and knew she could do something. She bought up all the shorts and tank top sets she could find so we'd have new clothes for the kids.

Some kind person at Brent's work left an envelope addressed as "For the Little Angels" and in it was $50 for us to take to our kids.

Another Haitian mom brought me a case of baby food to take.

Our friend, Heather, is collecting donations from our coworkers so they can help support our babies in Haiti and I am moved to tears.

We are humbled and so very grateful for the support. It is so very difficult to get food in Haiti. It costs Nadia $3500/month just for FOOD alone. And because the governments keep slowing down the adoption process, she cant help get children out to their forever families as quickly as she could before. EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS. I don't know how to tell you how grateful we are.

But thank you for helping us to make her smile, get her well, bring her home. (This is our friends' beautiful daughter. Michelle, hope it's OK that I stole this from your blog!)


mlg said...

No, I love seeing her picture and my food came today so now I can really start the countdown to Haiti, and holding, kissing and playing with those cute kids!

Pete and Mare said...

Soooo Adorable!! ;)

Perla said...

blast! i just tried to leave a comment but pushed a thing to sign in as somebody else instead. so, i think the comment was lost. anyway, i said something about how gorgeous that little girl is and also how cool and inspiring it is to know how many good people there are that are willing and really want to help when they know its for a good cause that they can believe in.

jessica rabbit said...

How about children's cold & cough meds or kids tylenol or ibuprofin? Can you take those on the plane? Can the kids take those?

love jess

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