Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Ancient Art of Icelandic Prophetic Cheese Painting

Let's just say that sometimes I have odd dreams, shall we?

And, for the record, that involves painting WITH the cheese, not ON the cheese. And it's "prophetic" because they use the pattern made by the melted cheese to help predict the future. Kind of like reading tea leaves, but with cheese and canvas.

(I won't tell you about how the rest of the dream involved the young Icelandic princess who was betrothed to the current King of Hungary and how we were attending the wedding because obviously Brent is the princess's closest kin. Fortunately for all y'all I don't normally use the words "betrothed" and "kin" and thankfully not normally in the same sentence, although there was that nurse who thought we were adopting a boy and a girl in hopes of marrying them to each other someday, but that's a different story.)

Usually I dream about Haiti and the kids. Dreams that involve doors and paperwork and mazes and freeways and travel and panic and disorder and "where are my kids??". So, I guess it's nice for the occasional Icelandic cheese dream to mix it up a bit.

Seems like I should give you a picture of the kids for putting up with reading all that.

You're welcome.


Tifanni said...

Oh, Thats so funny. I'm glad to know that I"m not the only one with really messed up dreams.

The kids are just adorable. I bet your one proud mama :)

Tia said...

Remind me to tell you about my Haiti dream. I think I stole someone's scooter... :)

Darling kids!

Julie said...

I love having bizarre dreams - gives me something to think about. Mostly I dream about being able to fly - wind velocity, lift, and all that jazz. I love the pics of your angels sleeping. No matter how crazy a day, I always take time to watch them sleep and remember they are angels.

Rachael said...

Okay - did I miss this somewhere?? - I want to know the kids reaction to seeing you? Did it take as long to break the ice? Was there any feeling of rememberance you felt on their part towards you? I was thinking of you lots while you were gone and hoping things went well.

The Brown's said...

That was one crazy dream. All I ever dream about is being at school and I don't know where my locker is and what classes I am suppose to be in:O)
Stinkin cute kids!

Princess Heather said...

Yummm...Cheese! I would totally paint with cheese if I could a. paint and b. use it before I ate it.

geralyn said...

I didn't know you were into dropping acid?? Just joking!! Painting with cheese is pretty freaky, but so is this whole adoption process.

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