Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This, ladies and gentlemen, is THE filter. Brent's taken off the cover and he's showing the "guts" of the filter.
Very small, very compact and very easy to use. I'd seen things that looked similar before, but you won't believe the research they've done on this thing. The guts on this baby are state of the art and there's pretty much nothing that gets by it.

Can't wait until they get it hooked up (still haven't heard if they got a connecting piece or not).

Thanks, Chareyl, for snapping this pic of as at the O as we were trying to figure out how to work around the connection problem.

And thank you, again, to Seychelle Water Filtration and Dave O for all their work for our kids!


R AND R AND Z said...

Has Brent always had facial hair? I can not believe how small it is not the facial hair the filter

Pete and Mare said...

Sweet guys!!!! Thank you so so much!!! Love you guys,~Mare Have to laugh at Ronnies comment. lol

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