Sunday, February 15, 2009

Copy Cat

There's one final part of the Jess Hair Saga.

The evening after the "Braid Trauma 2009", I showered and washed my hair (picking through the conditioner like I always do) and I realized that because I always keep my hair pulled back while we're in Haiti, Jessica had never really felt my hair.

So when it had dried enough, I leaned over and put her little hand in it and showed her how soft it was. Her face got this little stunned look on it. She started picking up chunks of it and slowly letting the hair fall through her fingers with the most amazed expression on her face.

I can't say that I blame her. Seriously - my hair is FINE and LIMP. I've had barrettes and hair clips that would apparently rather jump to their death than hang around on my scalp. My hair friend has to bleach parts of my hair just to damage it enough so that it will have some degree of texture. It's really freakishly soft, fine and limp. The best days for my unfortunate hair were probably around 1990, when the whole head perm with its accompanying severe damage, were popular. I guess I had a poor attempt at "Michael Hutchence Hair" except he was a rock star and I don't think I'll even try to explain who INXS was to my work friend.So as I'm enjoying watching Jessica's eyes as she studies my hair, she suddenly grabs my head and shoves it into her lap. Then she started picking at chunks of it, pretending she was braiding it, I suppose. Cause don't you know, that's what you do with the people that you love and care about - you shove their head in your lap and you fix their hair!

This is just one of the examples of how Jess likes to mimic things.

There was one day where Nathan was toddling around, being busy. I hadn't greased up his hair yet that morning, and I guess it was more apparent than I thought that his hair was dry. He was toddling by Jessica and stopped right in front of her. Jessica looks at his head, crinkles up her nose in disgust and starts shaking her her head in disapproval. She grabbed her sippy cup (which happened to have 7 UP in it at that point) and shook some of the contents into her hand. Then she rubbed her hands together like she was spreading out hair gel and started to work her "hair product" into Nathan's hair.

She's a funny kid and pretty smart too. We'll have our hands full for sure!


R AND R AND Z said...

Michael Hutchence is the reason i grew my hair all one length in the 90 and have keep t that way ever since except that one time i cut ang and the was a disater anyways

jessica rabbit said...

So where's this picture of YOUR hair in the 90's, Lori? =)

Teri said...

Gotta love the 90s hair! I think it is so sweet that Jessica is imitating what she sees and taking such good care of her brother!

leadatortilla said...

That's a LOT of braiding! Woo-wee, and one patient little girl. I love the story of her touching your hair and braiding it... priceless.

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