Saturday, February 14, 2009

Crocodile Tears and Natural Bricks

I have fine hair and it's not fine with me.

My hair is so fine, that I actually have to gently comb conditioner through it while I'm in the shower or will never become untangled. As soon as it smells water it becomes this rat's nest - it's like a mess of thread all tangled together. The woman that does my hair explained that hair like mine is actually missing a layer which is what makes each strand so thin. It's' this missing layer that causes hair color to fade from it so quickly. I think this layer is where God intended a hair's personality to reside. My hair, therefore, is about as spunky as mayonnaise.

One of my dear friends has naturally curly hair - she calls it her curly fries. It looks like that, laying curled in perfect ringlets. My hair, on the other hand, is naturally brick straight. Yeah, it lays there as..... straight as a brick. And about that full of life.

My daughter's hair, on the other hand, has a lot of texture, a lot of curl and a lot of length. It also looks completely awesome when you take it out of the ponytail it's been in all day.

We thought it was so cute, all standing on end, that Brent carried Jess outside to show our friend, Chareyl, who always appreciates a good laugh. Little did we know that Chareyl had some Haitian friends with her, visiting her at the hotel and using the pool. Did I mention that our Haitian friends see not taking care of your hair as a poor reflection on how you feel about yourself? Let's just say that Chareyl's Haitian friends could tolerate about half a second of seeing Jess do an impersonation of the Bride of Frankenstein. They asked if they could "fix" her hair.

Jess was not so happy about this decision. I can't really blame her; they kinda tossed her around in a rag doll sort of way.

Can you see the streaks of tears all over her face??
She was terribly unhappy about the situation, so Mommy tried to hold her to make it a bit better. It seemed to help. At least she stopped crying.

I love the way you can just let her hair hold the pick so that both hands are free for braiding.

This child has a LOT of hair!!

She eventually resigned herself to her fate.

This is where you rest your finger while they're doing your hair, just in case you were wondering.

Some things are much better when they're OVER!


Tifanni said...

So Cute :)

David and Candice said...

she is so cute!!! Thanks for letting us know how to say I love you, the right way. Candice

Julie said...

My favorite part of the picture is the smile on your face as you look at Jessica. I have so many of those exact pictures. It doesn't matter what your baby is doing - the smile on the mother's face tells all. And judging from the pictures of my mother and me all these years later - it never changes.

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