Monday, February 23, 2009

Far Off Friends

In all the craziness of life lately, I neglected to thank my two friends in The Netherlands for the packages they sent just before our trip.

From my dear Jack, I received a fabulous and delightful book about the Dutch. I read it cover-to-cover, Jack and loved it. Thank you so much for sending it! I learned some things that I thought were true, but really aren't. And I learned somethings I'd never have guessed. It was a fun read and now has an honored place on our bookshelves next to our other great works of the masters. Thank you, friend.

From my dear Rene, I received a brief letter and a stack of US bills. I guess he'd been holding on to them for sometime and kept thinking he should just go get them exchanged for Euro, but then realized that he could send them to me as is and I could use them to buy food for our babies in Haiti. I did take the money to them on our last trip, Rene, and it will be used to meet the orphanage's needs.

Thank you both for your continued support and friendship!


Nichole said...

I find it amazing that friends know just what we need even if we dont. Sometimes my friends leave me an email, present, or say something that is so profound for that moment. Friedns are agreat addition to this life.

Princess Heather said...

I would love to see that book sometime if you are willing to share it. It sounds fascinating and since my new obsession is figuring out a way to move there, I might need to read up.

Jack and Rene are lovely, kind people.

BethPie said...

The big question, though: did they send stroopwafels? My brother and his wife are missionaries in Amsterdam and they mailed some of those yummy cookies at Christmas. Addictive! How nice to have such thoughtful friends! :o)

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