Monday, February 9, 2009

Fun with Funds

I don't think I told you some of the things that your donations have helped us do.

We had enough money that Harry and Chareyl could go to the pharmacy and buy out pretty much every bottle of antibiotics they had. (it's weird that you don't need a prescription like we do here.) She got Pediasure to help those that are the weakest to get a bit more meat on their bones.

When they get the part for the water filter, they won't have to purchase bottled water (which is still of questionable origin and cleanliness) for the children and the children will have access to get clean water any time they want. We took down more rice, which has helped a great deal. They all looked more 'round-cheeked" since the rice arrived. That's something we hope to keep up for sometime to come. God Bless the angels at Feed My Starving Children for the work they are doing for those that cannot help themselves!.

We are so grateful to everyone who bought items on our little store, who told someone else about the store, or who made the orphanage their families' Christmas project. There's no way to describe in words the difference that it makes. It will help to keep children alive so that we don't have to lose more babies before their time. It will help them to have access to medicines. It will help them to THRIVE.

And really, what more could we ask for, given the circumstances?

Thank you for your continued efforts to help us spread the word about these babies that need our help to survive in Haiti. Little by little, it does make a difference!