Monday, February 16, 2009

So... What Are You Trying to Say??

Today's Car Story is brought to you by the letters A and V and by the number 4.

We're talking specifically about vanity plates. I saw a Pontiac Vibe today with a custom license plate that said (wait for it)


... 'cause it's a PONTIAC, see. Which makes me remember that the father of one of my good friends in high school had a license plate that said "GRNDAM" on his Pontiac Grand Am and that I also recently saw one that said, "GRANDAM" (because Utah has upgraded to 7 characters since I was younger). I'm wondering if Pontiac owners have a corner on this "use your license plate to point out the obvious" market - you know - for those times when the brand name on the license plate surround and the logo and label on the back of the car just isn't enough.

Do you think those are the kind of people who name their children "Kid" or "Farm Boy"? (which is a fine name for your boyfriend if your name happens to be Princess Buttercup, but otherwise, not so much.)

I also saw a mini-van with the plate:


Which made me think two things.

First, we should probably all be more openly positive towards ourselves. It would probably be good for the environment and the economy and general well being and stuff.

Second, can you hear me clapping for you, Tinkerbell? Cause I am. I'm clapping on the inside.

I know you don't read this blog (if anyone actually does read this blog) for my rantings. You read it for the pictures of the kids.

So in this one, Jess found this little toy that one of the other kids had that made farting noises when you pushed the buttons. I think you can tell that she thought it was completely awesome!

In this one, Nathan was playing Hide and Seek behind the bathroom door. He was quite proud of himself.
This one doesn't need words.


Misty Fowler said...

I like reading your rantings. :)

I tried to bid on one of those banana leaf paintings of Obama on eBay, but my account hasn't been used in years, and I can't get the info updated right. :(

Melissa said...

The Pontiac plate is actually my in-laws car. My father-in-law has a brain injury and hasn't much of a memory left and he has to have things very simplified for him. You should see his house, it has post-it reminders all over the place. Anyhow, the plate thing is to help him remember which car is his though he doesn't drive much anymore.

Melissa said...

Ok, it really wasn't my in-laws car, but that would have been funny.

Perla said...

funny stuff about the plates. i think i will have to do a post about my favorite one i saw the other day. i wish the mini van was mine. i should have done it just to make myself feel better. i swore i would never get a mini van. no, i'd be cool and just get a big old suv when our family got bigger. but then i caved and i knew i was so vain for caring but i had told jason already that if my hair didn't grow back then we had to get me a commander because it would be too much pride to swallow. but of course then you go to haiti again and feel so terribly stupid about any vanity. so, even though my hair didn't grow back, i still got a van and i tried to be positive and think 'yay me!'

geralyn said...

When we were first transferred to North Dakota, the first thing people always said was, "Why North Dakota?" So that is what we had put on one of our license plates, WHYND. It gets the point across, but sadly some people still seem confused.

Salzwedel Family said...

Ha ha! I needed a laugh. I really enjoyed this rant...keep it up.

By the way, we have someone in our town with plates that read "OLDFART". Surprisingly enough the person I saw driving wasn't really old at all.

Noelle and Chad said...

Cute, cute, cute

Heather said...

You kill me, literally! So now I am dying to get me a license plate you can blog about...anything inspiring about a old, crappy mini van full of 5 screaming little boys? Loved the pics...I know it has been said but you have the most beautiful children! Heather

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