Saturday, February 28, 2009


I know a lot of things.

I know that, despite the labeling, this is NOT a hand grenade.

I know that the Everglades isn't actually a swamp; it's really the world's slowest moving river. It flows about one-half mile per DAY. That's slow...

And I've been able to determine that the Haitian Adoption Process is the Everglades of International Adoption.

No change in our paperwork since it was submitted to IBESR in November.

A good friend asked me today, "Do you think you'll have them home by Christmas?" And I had to say, "I would love nothing more than to have them home by Christmas, but....."

Welcome to Everglades National Park. Please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times, even though your heart is in Haiti.


Tifanni said...

Oh my gosh. thats so true :)

Fernelius said...

I so love to read your blog. You have a beautiful soul, I know it must be very hard to love so greatly someone so far away. While your heart may be in Haiti you soul touches many here at home.
You are in our Prayers

Brown's said...

steadfastness is the key my friend, and you do it beautifully:O)

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