Wednesday, February 11, 2009

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

Just some random items in this post, so the title seemed appropriate.

First - fund raising update. Our friend and fellow adoptive mom, Michelle, wrote up a "Hope for Little Angels Haiti Newsletter" for us. A work friend of mine is going to a dog show this weekend and offered to put some flyers on the judges table for us. So I've printed up several copies of the news letter and added some of the flyers the Haydens (the orphanage coordinators) made up previously. Thank you, Andrea, for offering a unique audience for us to reach with the mess of the need for these beautiful kids. And thank you, Michelle, for writing up the newsletter.

I've adjusted a lot of the pricing on the Etsy store. Please stop back by and check it out if you haven't been over there for a bit (see link on the side bar). And please pass the word on to your friends about these opportunities to buy something (nice baby blanket for example) while helping out the kids at the same time.

And please let us get word out about the Obama Banana Leaf portraits made by our friends in Haiti. Again - al proceeds (either from the Etsy store or eBay) go the take care of things the orphanage needs. Right now our two highest priorities are getting another shipment of FMSC rice down there and getting them a generator. The list of possibilities and needs goes on and on, but we'll focus on those two. You can email me (find that on my profile) if you have questions.

And finally, this is what Jessica's hair looks like when you take it out of it's pony tail. She has so much texture to her hair, that it does amazing heights.

Stay tuned for part two of the hair story tomorrow!

And finally, Nathan didn't feel well for this trip. That's why there are a lot more pictures of Jessica than of him. But I love this one in his RUN DMC shirt that his Daddy picked out. You can see his poor tired eyes. He was doing better by the end of the week after we got some antibiotics into him. Love my kids!!!


Bambi and Adam said...

Glad to hear Nathan is doing better:)Can't wait to hear part 2 of Jessica's hair story.

moyesmania said...

I full on love the hair! But the facial expressions that go with the hair are priceless!
Can't wait for part 2!

BethPie said...

I LOVE the title. My parents had me memorize the Jabberwocky when I was 7. ;o)

Jessica's hair is so, so fun!! And I'm glad you were able to get Nathan feeling better by the end. That shirt is the best!!

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