Thursday, March 26, 2009

They May Not Remember What You Said, but They'll Never Forget How You Made Them Feel

Update to the Trudge Boy story - particularly my recollection of the night my big brother snuck out of the house. Here's what she says:

It was the local town police that were called, and he came home with his friends. The officer who stopped them gave him the option of riding in the cop car, or going straight home...
When the car pulled up in front of the house, every light was on, and the front drapes were wide open, and Mad Momma watched him get out of the car, which then disappeared into the night so quickly, one wondered if it had really been there!
To my defense, I didn't call the police until I had gone to the house where the 'party' was supposed to be, and got that boy's parents out of bed. Since they could offer no suggestions, I came home and called DAD, who was on military training at the time. THAT'S where the idea for calling the police originated...don't mess with DAD!
I'm not sure what my options would have been if we weren't living in a small farming community at the time, where I knew most of the police force. I give them credit for being understanding of my concerns.
And, I will be forever grateful to the neighbor who heard and saw the Great Escape and was willing to call and let me know!
So, now that I read that, I can remember that Mom did leave and go to the house. I think that might be why the whole event stuck with me - I think she had to wake me up to tell me that she would be back (since Dad was gone and Matt was gone. I would have been 12 or 13, I'd guess). I must have been so worried that the police would arrest my brother that I remember it with a squad car! :)

It's interesting how the emotion of the event carries over and cements it into your mind a certain way. That made me think about the saying you often hear about how people will "never forget how you made them feel". That's true of events, words, actions. Emotion can convince you of a lot of things. Emotion can make you think that David Cassidy is worth plastering all over your bedroom ceiling (like my aunt did). When you mix emotion with the other events amazing things happen. That concept is what makes you love your 3rd grade teacher even decades later. It's what made you think your great grandma's house smelled "magical" when the adults probably thought it smelled like "an old lady house". It makes you smile every time you hear a song by Stevie Wonder.

My Poppa is having surgery today - they think he has bladder cancer. You're in our thoughts and prayers, Poppa. We hope and pray all is well.


Pete and Mare said...

Wow, I'm glad that they got you out of bed for the event. Who would want to miss it? Oh, all the stories of growing up... yes memories.

Your Dad and your familiy are in our thoughts and prayers today. We love you guys! ~ Mare

David and Candice said...

What great stories...dont you love childhood memories. well your family is in our thoughts and prayers. -Candice

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