Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'll Take "Social Whiplash" for $200, Alex!

How to determine if your client is a redneck in three easy steps:

Step 1: Ask client for an update on the very pregnant woman in the office. (For example, "did Kristin have her baby?")

Step 2: Client says: "You know, I thought she was going to calf this weekend, but she didn't."

Step 3: Draw conclusions. (Note: Pencil and paper are not needed for this step.)


Melissa said...

Oh my!

Bambi and Adam said...

That needs to be added to the official list of "if I were a redneck" jokes:)I've never heard someone describe going into labor that way( not that it might not feel that way at the time!)

R AND R AND Z said...


Tifanni said...

That sounds like something I might hear in my town. Hilarious :)

Perla said...

CALF?!! oh that is hilarious!!!

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