Tuesday, March 3, 2009

E.T. Never Had It So Good....

My sister is hilarious. My family in general cracks me up. This is the latest from my sister's blog.

By way of background, Z is pregnant. She also has a dog named "Bug". But Bug also answers to ALL of the following names:

Buglas McArthur
Chin Chin (that's her "panda name" - because every black and white dog needs a panda name)
Fatty Patty Steve

Yes, she really will come if you call her General Buglas McArthur. I think it's awesome.

So here's her post. Enjoy!

This post is about a Rat Terrier who is lovingly nicknamed Fatty Patty Steve. She ate a bag of Reeses Pieces yesterday. Not a normal size bag you buy in the checkout at the grocery store - she ate a good portion of the "I'm cheating on my wife, Jenny Craig, with a mistress named Reese's" gluttony size bag. Then barfed said contents of bag all over me and the bed. I know I have a warped sense of humor but I thought the whole situation was HILARIOUS! A quick shower and 2 loads of laundry cleaned up the mess but Louise was still sick. She was up most of the night puking (in the backyard) and laying in a heap on my lap. Moaning.

Between Barfy the Amazing Vomit Dog, a 25 week old fetus with tiny fists of fury, and heartburn that could choke a Marine... I didn't get much sleep.

If only I could teach my dog how to do this:

I think someone should make bumper stickers that say:

I'm cheating on my wife, Jenny Craig, with a mistress named Reese's.


Pete and Mare said...

ahhh poor Fatty Patty Steve and family. You have a wonderful family! Thanks for the laugh. Great big hug~ Mare

Brown's said...

pretty much the funniest thing I have ever read!

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