Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fundraising Updates

I don't think I remembered to tell you about fellow adoptive mommy, Julie. Last week, Julie had a fundraising dinner for their adoptive process. They are adopting three beautiful brothers from Haiti. As part of her efforts, Julie ordered a dozen of our T-shirts and resold them at her dinner. So she made a donation to our O, and then used the product to raise money for her own adoption! Very thoughtful and clever!

She posted today about their "Mr. Pig" fundraiser - they've placed piggy banks in local businesses with information about their boys so that people can put in some change if they feel inspired to help.

Another adoptive mom from our O is doing a "pennies by the inch" effort to raise money for the orphanage. If you're not familiar with "pennies by the inch" here's a brief synopsis. A local children's hospital uses to raise funds. Primary Children's Medical Center does a lot of research into birth defects and provides a lot of charity care to ill children. I can remember the "Pennies by the Inch" drives in our elementary schools when I was a little girl. The idea was that you donate one penny for every inch of your height - as kind of a remembrance that you were born healthy and then those pennies are were used to research and provide medical care to other kids that weren't born healthy. Every kids can grasp that. It's easy to come up with some spare change, and it was fun as a kid to figure out my height and count out the pennies. I've always been tall, so that was one of the few moments that made it worth always needing to stand on the back center of the class picture! So this mom is taking the concept and adapting it to help the kids help other kids that don't have families to live with. I think it's fabulous!

The biggest fundraiser idea for our orphanage is one that I'm SO VERY EXCITED ABOUT!! If you're a regular reader, you remember when I was reunited with my childhood best friend, Emily a few months ago. Emily came to me with a way that she wants to help our kids to get a generator. Emily is an area advisor with lia sophia jewelry. People will host parties where guests can order this fun jewelry and Emily does a short presentation about the product. So here's where this gets amazing.

Emily has agreed to come up here (she now lives several hours away) and help us do some parties and Emily will donate her ENTIRE COMMISSION from all the sales to the orphanage. That works out to about 30% of the each sale! She'll also set up some web links for us so that people that are out of state can order product and the commission will still go to our orphanage. April is also a special discount month for lia sophia, so if you buy two items at full price you four more items at half price (the half price items are always the highest price items, as opposed to what you usually see where the half price items are the cheapest items.) So you can find a friend, and go in together and get some fabulous and unique pieces and you'll be helping the best little orphanage on the planet at the same time!! You could plan now for Christmas and get some great deals! Mother's Day is right around the corner!

It's so amazing to me that Emily offered to do this all on her own. It had seriously been years since we'd seen one another. It goes to show what a fabulous person she is. She's so excited to help our kids to have power.

We're going to be doing a few parties the week of April 9th. Watch for updates and web links as it gets closer!

Thank you to everyone who is working and praying to get these kids home and keep them fed and healthy in the meantime!


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