Sunday, March 29, 2009

Better You Never Thought You'd Hear Those Words in America...

Someone at church today asked me how Brent was doing. I said that we were both doing well and then found myself saying, "The orphanage has been good for us."

I think I gave myself social whiplash with that one.... Bet you never thought you'd hear THOSE words in America.

It has been good for us to throw ourselves into fund raising and trying to find ways to "make a buck" but for the kids - not for us.

I spent most of the weekend getting stuff packaged and pictures taken, etc to update the Etsy store. Please send the info about the store out to anyone you know that may feel like helping out some orphans.

We're working hard to get another couple of pallets of food from Feed My Starving Children so we can load up all the luggage for everyone in our group. It's not JUST rice - they've added protein and vitamins and minerals and formulated it such that, even if they only eat this stuff once per day they'll get everything their little bodies need.

How crazy is it that we can deal with phrases like 'even if they only eat once per day". Haiti wouldn't know what to do with a "Super Value Meal" or a drive through or a vending machine or a Costco.... We're so blessed. So very, very, very, wastefully blessed.

We also have the lia sophia parties coming up in a couple of weeks with those proceeds going towards the generator.

We're hearing good things from the mom doing the "Pennies by the Inch" at her local elementary school.

Little by little - a paper at a time, a signature at a time, a form at a time, a penny at a time.... that's how things work in Haiti. That's how we're going to get our children home. That's how we're going to keep them fed and healthy until then.

Line upon line....


Mom of 3 Boys said...

You are simply Wonderful and AMAZING! Thanks for sharing your story!

Pete and Mare said...

We find ourselves on the same track and thankful for the blessings that Haiti offers our family as well. Thinking of you guys. Keep up the grat work! Great big hug~ mare

Kimble Family said...

Brent and Lori,
Although you don't know me, you do know my daughter Colleen. ANYWAY...I was reading your post about the Lia Sophia party and the proceeds for the orphanage and FINALLY figured out how I can help you and your kiddies...I am an independent consultant for a company called Tastefully Simple and would be honored to hold a fundraiser for you as well! please contact me at or at 801.368.6156 if you are at all interested and we can chat.

Heather said...

I am so with you. Kyle and I went book shopping on Tuesday and spent to much (it's our weakness). On our way home he pointed out that we could have paid 1/2 years tuition for one of our Haitian Roots kids. We have so much, we are so blessed and we forget way to easily. I have the etsy on my web site and some brochures so hopefully I will happen upon a sugar daddy for Haitian Roots and for Hope!

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