Saturday, March 7, 2009

Butterflies and Hurricanes

People keep asking if they recognized us when we got there. That moment looked a little like this: Miss Jess was hysterically crying and Mr. Nathan was just warming up for some good tears. fortunately Papa came and Mr. Nathan was fine. Papa is Nathan's version of a security blanket. (I can't blame him. I like to be held by those same arms.)

I've been watching all the videos over and over again. By the time we go back again in June, Jessica will have a whole lot more words to say. We'll miss her transition from "Di-Di-Da" to something closer to her name. I hope she'll still be singing and marching and happy. I pray desperately that they stay healthy and well. Nathan will be talking. And all of that in Creole.

It's been about 18 months since we received Nathan's referral. Oct 1, 2007. People hear that we'll be going to visit them again in June and they say, "You really don't think they'll be home by June??"

"No...", I tell them. "We still have about a year." That's always my answer.

Some people bother to stop and listen and find out about Haiti and why it takes that long. Most people just move on with their day and probably don't think about it again until the next time they see us.

Haiti is always on my mind. My babies in Haiti, specifically. Are they happy? Did Nathan get over the gunky cough he had in his chest? Do they think of us? What DO they think of us? When will we all be home, in this little house, in this quiet little street, snuggled on the couch together.

How many more months? I wish I knew. It takes as long as it takes. It is what it is. In the meantime, we try to find ways to do fundraisers for the orphanage. And we dream about the next time we're together.

A friend was just discussing a major life event that she has longed for but it has not yet come about. She said something about, "If I just KNEW that it wouldn't happen, then I think things would change for me and I wouldn't be so discouraged with this constant waiting." So I've been thinking about that process as well. We have to have hope. We must. But hope without faith is pointless.

Someday.... someday.


Tifanni said...

A Beautiful post-Hang in there. It will happen :)

mlg said...

Great minds obsess alike! (actually your mind is a little greater than mine but whatever!!)

David and Candice said...

That is Daves saying to all of his family."It is what It is" so much that when we started this adoption we had to buy a plaque with this saying. So we could stay reminded of it.
love this post.

Brown's said...

Lori I think of you and your babies often. I can't image how you feel. I just want this to be over for you so that you can enjoy your family EVERYDAY! We pray that this happens sooner than you think:O) Much Love

Misty Fowler said...

I really love following this on your blog, and often think about the heartache that must accompany it, along with what are obviously great moments of joy. When I see you at work, sometimes I want to ask, but I know that there's not likely anything new that you haven't blogged about yet. But, I still want to give you a hug and share a moment of happiness that this is happening for you, and for them, even if it's moving along at a snail's pace.

Rumo Mom said...

Lori, I follow a ton of adoption blogs as I am sure you do as well. It is interesting to read all the different ways people deal with the wait. Some people don't deal with it, they allow the wait to consume them. This blog was an excellent reminder of how God wants me to handle my our wait. Thank you for the honesty. Thank you for the support. You guy's are always in my daily prayers. Julie

Pete and Mare said...

Yes, Haiti is always on our minds... beautiful post and I so agree. Love you Lori! ~ Mare

Kimble Family said...

I have followed your blog for quite a while now, my daughter Colleen told me about your little family. And I have to admit, my day isn't finished until I check on your family to see what new little tidbits you are sharing today. I can't imagine the wait and the struggle of that wait, and I think you should know that it would seem as if, to me at least, and I am sure to a lot of people, that you have such grace while you go thru this process. Your babies are so very lucky to have parents like you, even if it does take a while for them to come home. And while I may be a bit over the top for your blog specifically, I promise I am harmless! My thoughts and prayers follow your adoption process daily.
Julie Kimble

Bambi and Adam said...

Hi Lori,
I remember when we started paperwork for China our program director told us we had 3mo. to complete our homestudy and dossier and to remember "this is the only part you have control over(so, hurry)".I didn't grasp that the first time around, but booked it through the Haiti dossier. Now that the paperwork is in and the control is turned over to forces of the unknown:), I have to remind myself to enjoy this journey because I easily get consumed by the "what if's" and "when's" and it becomes overwhelming.When the time comes it will be perfect.Can't wait to enjoy this journey with you all in June!

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